Size Matters

Don’t ask me why, but since the beginning of this new year, all i want to carry is this size of bags, clutches, whatever it calls,

and I’m not a hater of bags, but it never been my addiction also, i mean why i have to carry a big bag, of course they add a lot, and i can put a pair of shoes if i want, but this time, i’m just not feeling it, and since i can’t find the perfect clutch (my perfect clutch would be something like the Celine ones you know? or the Mansur Gavriel? that shape, size and leather, just perfecttt), so all i have in my hands right now is those couple of.. things, yea these not bags, one is a wallet and the other one is a brushes set, and yea I’ve checked and i can put what i want in these two, because whatever i want is just not much (keys, phone, cards, lip balm, umm.. money?) i can fit those things it’s easy, and if there’s no room for my phone, I’ve the leather case for it, so no biggy! and i feel more free/lighter just holding this (also I love the way of carrying small purses, i think i carry the slightly bigger ones in the same way too) it’s just me whatever, okay your turn! what about you? Are you a bag freak? and if you are, tell me in what size, and what in the world do you put on it? please don’t tell me your world…

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