Skin Hydration

With summer, we all want a sun kissed skin, setting on beaches for hours, and with all of that comes dehydration skin, so next by your sunscreen and scrub, you need to moisturize to have a glowing skin and to make your tan stay longer, no it’s not a post about how to moisturize or when as far as with what exactly?

Oils: My favorite thing on summer, like give me oils or give me non, you know that natural sheen with your tan? damn right, I, myself, put it on everything, body, face, hair (no in that case I don’t need salt spray), and no it’s not greasy if you use it with moderation, 3 small drops are just fine for your face, and use it with your damp body and watch the magic happen.

Oils here: Rodin, but! Essentials oils are just as good, example: Macadamia nut and coconut oils, it’s heaven on earth, with that smell, I shower myself with the thing!

Creams and Lotions: Creams for even drier weather, or skin, so you let your skin get really dry after spending 5 hours on the beach not caring about the sun, playing with the kids, not giving any attention to your skin (yea count me too!) here comes the good healing creams. It doesn’t just moist, but it’s richness comes through your skin and play with the texture, and making the skin smooth and moisturized for long time.

Cream here: Creme de corps by Kiehl’s, but! it’s a thick one. If you’re not into thick creams and wanna feel more light, there’s intensive moisturizing lotions and balms as well for dry skin. Like: Creme de corps light wight lotion with SPF 30, it’s a good deal!

Gel: Aesop makes a gel  for your body, “Ultra-light body gel will instantly soothe sore skin after sun exposure, waxing or shaving” as i read it accidentally on Net-a-porter, yea I didn’t try yet, but whoever try it, may shout out for me and tell the results!
Body Gel: Aesop, but! i don’t know why i can’t buy the idea of having gel on my skin in the summer, okay I’ll give it a try on winter.

There you go, don’t forget to massage well whatever you put in your skin, stay hydrated and choose what’s best for your skin. So what did you choose this summer! Oils, lotions, a few from the two together (yea I do that too) or gels?

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