sleeping hours

Sleeping Hours

Quick Question: How many hours you want to sleep a day and be really satisfied with you sleeping time? 8 hours? 10? a day? A full 2 days of sleep!!?

I heard a conversation about it over the radio the other day and some people wanted to sleep for a whole year! and I couldn’t stop thinking about my satisfaction in such a subject!—since this is my new way of thinking about every little detail, what will satisfy me the most.

So for me sometimes I could sleep for 12 hours and that would be totally more than enough for me, happens in the laziest desperate days ever and actually can’t sleep more than this, so don’t call this a satisfaction, because most of times I just want to sleep for 4 hours cause who’ve got the time to sleep that much in a life that you can do A lot in ha! and that alssoo never happens because I’m more lazy than a 4 hours sleeping person so I normally sleep between 6 to 8 hours a day. And if we’re talking that you have the time to do whatever you want, I won’t choose to sleep, it’s not about sleeping as much as the thinking process of since I have this time to sleep, how about doing... nothing! I’d rather be lazy on my couch for 10 hours than sleep for that much time. Oh.Yes.

How about you?


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