Slicked Back

How do you style your hair if you’ve reached the maximum grease? oh how do you reach that level? a lot of elements could go under this…  weather, hair type, mmm not washing it for straight 5 days… what? no of course I wash it every other day are you crazy uhhhh!!??

Okay it’s getting cold So!!! I hate to wash my hair that much in the winter! who does that anyway!!! choosing water over blanket! will not me, so that was my fifth day of my not washed head, and because I lose interest on it from day two, I tried this look today! And I’m so happy with myself!

I didn’t use any products, just 3 pins! two on the side and one in center, all in the back of my head, after I brushed the front of my head, left the rest on its wavy shape, and that’s it. And if you want the super hold, spray over some Elnett.

It’s about your hair type, maybe your hair will look  like that in the sixth day! okay enough with five really, that’s super not clean for me. Also about the length of it, maybe because my hair is long, it took five days to be that greasy, shorter lengths take less, between two to four days…

Despite of how unclean it is, I really love the clean sleek look that been made with it, it’s so powerful, elegant, so mannish but sexy, and super easy and fast, I would love to do this look wearing a full suit, or a jumpsuit! something with a deep V, you know how much I love a deep V, and that hairstyle complete the look for me.

So What do you do with your hair when it loses its shape? And I’m not talking washing here.

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