I don’t know what with me and slides, every summer all I want is slides, but guess what? I never get any! every time I put my eyes on one I intend to buy, something happens and can’t buy, I’ll make a list with you:

2014: The Cholé slides from the resort collection took my heart away and I still remember it (that means good fashion not only a trend for me), but swoooch, was too expensive for me.

2015: I put my eyes all focused in a strange way on every slides that I could run into and like, I reached the place that I could ask a girl on a shop about hers and she turns me down saying it was  gift (LAIIRR!) and in my head I started a fight with her.

The second one I loved was a Birkenstock sandals on the j.crew site that I slept with the idea of having it and in the next day I couldn’t find my size, the next morning! I mean does every girl in the world dress like me!? uhh, Yeaaa! and everyone remembered the add to bag button but you.


The third was a Zara one, which was on my mind for a long time, asked my dad to purchase it when he was abroad, he didn’t find it, I start searching for it on the Zara stores around me, no chance, I even recognized that my country Zara site doesn’t support (yet) store availability to save me some time, but who cares, it’s all for the sake of a good slides, I ran into them by chance only on another color (red) but my eyes didn’t digest the color as the beige one, I left it and said I’ll be back in a couple of days to check on the other one, when I came back, I left the store empty handed because I found nothing, nada, now tell me again, what was wrong with the red one ha!!!! B*.Ok, I didn’t like it too much and found these similar one instead, but still processing it due to the platform detail.birkenstock sandals

The fourth and the last hope here is this one that screams buy me or forever regret your slideless summers —ok, I only have one Birkenstock sandals that stick with me for good now— and between you and me, that one really scream I’m the best of all, wait for me, and its wish is my command.

After my experiences with slides this summer, I start to thinking, why when I like something so bad, I pause for a second in front of it and not buy, yes, cash plays a good part of the operation, online shipping as well, but why there’s some times you could just go and know that you neither choose the right decision, nor the wrong, you played safe, and safe mode does only come when no one is pushing you (like sales), I came up with a conclusion after all the torture, If you liked something so bad and you returned to it the next couple of days/month/years (as I’m still thinking about everyone above), then buy it —because I know its cliché, but sometime the pieces speaks to you and you get it instantly, so take the right decision and lead the conversation through this summer and the 2, 3, 4 next summers maybe, or drop it for good— if you did think about it for a week or so, and started to plan the whole wardrobe with it and you only want it now, so you have to wait for another week to see how you both feel about each other, does it give the same back to you before hitting the button? if yes, don’t think twice and check out with it. If you liked it and forget about it the moment you hit the next store/ piece, then we don’t have to talk about it really, because it’s just another waste of time that we can’t handle.

Now did you find your slides this summer? uhhhh tell me how a good new slides feels in your feet!!?


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