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Spring Trends #3: Vests

A vest? Really? What’s a vest anyway? I remember that I have one but I don’t know where the hell it is because I never wore the thing. Isn’t vests only a band or a man thing? I know coats, I love coats cause it’s the piece that I can wear alone or layer it but sleeveless coats and jackets and you started to call it vests… well, I didn’t see that one coming.

That’s my mind when deciding to be dumb. Of course I know that vests are so in duhhhh! (shut up mind and pretend that we’re stylish).

Fine. Here’s the few cool vests that we spotted on the runway! In this transition weather, vests are the ideal pieces, there’s a variety of it and you can wear with everything at anytime! be Erin Watson for a moment!  (mind to self: How about that?) First we have:

The longies

So Parisienne chic, the flowiness of it while your walking is something else, Drama! You can wear it alone and let the deep V leads everything, or layer it over a turtleneck shirt and bang you’ve got it! there’s also some pants serious that we need to discuss over that length of vests, am I right or am I just right?

                                  “ The Deep “V” Power”

From left: Balenciaga white floor length worn with nude dress to sweep everyone, and every girl should at least have one statement piece in her wardrobe and it could happen to be a long geometric vest by Thakoon, and that’s just Dries you know. Then if you can cross your bag and wear a more like classic vest with flats and colored glasses, then you’re a Paul smith girl and my muse in the same time! Last its Rag & Bone look like denim with side belted and deep V with tailored pants, enough said.

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The Midies

I don’t know what else to call them, they are not tall, nor very short, so it’s in between, but full of coolness altitude, it’s great with matching pants like a suit look as we can see, tuck it or build it, it’s your damn thing.

                           “The spring addition of suits!”      

From Left: Ahh-mazing one with jeans shoulders details with the deep V again from MM6, yellow mellow is the new everything this season from Creatures of the Wind, oh again pinstriped ones from Dries van Noten, shut up. Isa Arfen with constructed pockets and belt is all you need, another creature of the Wind equation when it comes to vests, embroidered and cool as F$%K.

The-vests fashion paradoxes photo

The Shorties:

And the normal form for me, it’s very easy, it just gives a character to your look, okay I just remembered! I have another one of those, weeeee I’ll think about styling it now!

                                             “Slip it over and go”

From left: A not so normal white vest with rope belt details from JW Anderson, and a very Japanese inspirational one from MM6, a very safari cargo one styled with a skirt from Creatures of Comfort, Rag & Bone strikes me again with short one with a bag worn instead of a top, and Peter Pilotto colorful embroidered one that gives you a whole look without adding anything else.

There’s a lot to choose from, and from what I see, Vests are here to stay, choose your favorite length, style it, choose them all! and when you do, show me, I’m curious. I’m off to search for the lost one.

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