I Still Don’t Like Normal Bags

My relationship with bags changes with years, it’s not about growing up but about knowing what’s the best for you! I love to have bags that doesnt look normal. I spent more than half of m life so far not wearing any and I survived. So my subconscious still insist of not wanting one.

Sometime you need one, some times you need a punch on each hand!

But that specific thing doesn’t feel that it could make or break an outfit for me. I believe that for shoes, we all say duh now, but bags are more complicated for me. The more small, the more I like it, the more I realize I don’t need it that much! …I have pockets and my hands are better freee!—The child in me is in a state of realization now. I love wearing wallets as bags. This navy one is a big wallet, I also love the glossier pouch, and this mango red one is just a night upgraded version of it!

But on the other hand, it could be that something that you hold on in the toughest nights, or that thing that won’t let you down because it literally get you back in the wildest nights, ahh you mean those times, those times that you feel naked without one—The grown up ass in me gets real. It also has to be mini bag for me. Like this black little one. I always picture this one like if a big chic bag had a child that was married to a rocker, this would be their baby!

Or those rich beaded bags that I still can’t believe I found on a Zara sale. And the green clutch that I have since college days!You only need these on your wildest and worst days. Because at both scenarios it doesn’t fit my phone so I have to put it on my back pocket. Which satisfy the need of that child within me, also makes me feel so cool.

Now for reality times; those times that you want to carry your sandwiches, some fruits, a pair of shoes, a water bottle for you and one for your little boy, some snacks for him, you phone and his game. And of course you wallet and his because he’s 7 years old now and feels responsible than ever.

For those times, I have this one for winter and when I feel country rock, and a medium size woven basket bag for this time of the year that I’ll tell you about later. Because it deserves a whole new post.

This is a fairly big collection for someone who claims to hate bags don’t you think?


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