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Style Diaries: No°1


My sister and I will go out today, it’s fall already, people are starting to layer everything, people are just so excited about trying everything they have and forgot about the whole summer, it’s a refreshing weather, maybe it’s the best season not just for me, but for everyone.

It’s my first day to think fully of fall layers, and that urge came to me after doing my Pinterest board about the art of layering, So I just want to layer and wear something… good, to feel good. As simple as that.

Let’s go with my vintage washed high waisted jeans because I’m so late when it comes to this trend, I just started to wear it so much and I’m in love with it right now, it just suck every ounce of fat I have and push it up around my waist after closing the button, it’s tight around the waist but it gives that good shape around my hips so when all the fats go around the button, I manage to hide it with the tee that I’ll insert loosely to camouflage this area.

But, I wore Carbs on my chest to not fool anyone.

Ok, now for the shoes, boots? I miss boots, let’s try that black basic pair, not good, How about the Birken with the socks because it’s my first move towards fall layering and I’m already in love with it, what not to love? Pretty socks with slides!? I won’t give up on my slides till you make me! …ok, this combo looks wired now, not good wired to me, no I don’t like it, seems like this pants need something closed, and I need flats because I can’t deal with any kind of heels right now.

How about those pointy loafers that you only wore once? Oh try it with the socks… pausing… ding ding ding! I just won the jackpot!! I’m feeling euphoric about this vision right now, I feel Michael Jackson meets a Japanese kawaii wrapped with french molded loafers, now I can go out, except one thing, that hem of the jeans I do not like. 

Style Diaries Fashion Paradoxes


It’s DIY time, bae.

I already did it before, it’s not my first time so I did this one in less than 2 minutes, I didn’t cut too much of it as I was in a hurry, maybe some other time.

Now for the outerwear, you see I just got my eyes on one in particular, that one that I also got from H&M with my mom last winter (we got two for both of us) and wore it once and now I see everyone wearing check coats so I got jealous and wanted to feel the checks  on me, tucked my hair and forgot about my stupid bangs, and went to Ikea and the mall next to it for some pre-travel shopping, I ate ice-cream and I was happy. From inside what I wear, out. 

Style Diaries Fashion Paradoxes


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