Style Diaries No°3

Happy New Year ALL!!! I wish you the best not only in 2017 but in life at general, I wish 2017 will be the best fresh start for all of us, ’cause, we need that! we need it even if you’re the type of person who’s their resolutions are just written on their minds.

Before digging deeper into 2017 dreams (I dedicated a full post for that), I’m sharing with you, my last week outfits, that are not only a fresh take for me, but also, high-end fashion free.

It’s not that I’m against it, but since we’re talking about resolutions here, my first one would be being more honest with myself, and that leads to something that I never confess out loud even for myself: I’m broke at the moment. And only rich at heart and mind. Aside from that, I wanted to challenge myself, my style, what would you wear from your closet that only from retails shops, something you got at one point on sale, and you were so happy when you found it? Can you ensemble it all together? Without feeling the need of other stuff that —to be more honest— dazzle your look in femtoseconds?

The slideshow will bring that up to you with details of every look. Take notes, laugh, and copy if you admire!


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