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Style Diaries: No°2


Dear Diary,

The weather is still can’t decide to be fully winter, so I decided to wear that light fall beige top and layered it with the jumpsuit that my sister got me when I went crazy over it last summer. The lightness of the piece makes you feel like wearing nothing, in fact, it makes you feel like flying thanks to the ruffles of the behind’s bottom.

My sister, on the other hand, felt a celebration going on her pants, I mean don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing more delightful other than wearing an imitation of Dries Van Noten’s jacquard pattern on a cropped trousers when you can’t afford such a piece. She added absolutely nothing to it to complete her look, aka a black tee wrapped it all with a patent brown pair of Birkenstock with an orange detail to mirror the trousers.

We went to do some shopping (wisely as always), but before that, we took these pictures I decided to make it like an edit on our parking lot. Two different feelings consolidated into one.

Style Diaries fashion paradoxesStyle Diaries fashion paradoxes


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