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Summer Sandals For All Your Vacation Moods

When it comes to shoes, I always feel weak. I feel weaker towards summer sandals. What I noticed lately that a lot of my friends feel very conscious of their feet for different kind of reasons that they hate to wear any open shoes, so they never feel air in their feet, their style options in summer time consists of flat wear or high heels of only closed shoes, like ballerinas, sneakers, and stilettos! This is what I hear the most from my friends and how I answer them:

Reason No.1 Feet need care, I’m never ready for sandals.
My answer: it takes less care time for feet than legs in the shower, a proper stone will solve any issue.

Reason No.2 My toes have to be manicured to wear sandals.

My answer: no, when you feel the need to paint them do, otherwise enjoy their nude/minimal/clean color.

Reason No.3 My second toe is longer than my first one
My answer: So!

Reason No.4 My nails aren’t done. I just can’t.
My answer: Ok, take today to properly file them, go to a specialist for a gel session if you want a pro look, then hit the roads tomorrow.

I didn’t stop here! I even tried to encourage them to test sandals in winter with socks if they are not comfortable showing their feet so they can at least see this new silhouette on them and reconsider sandals. But they don’t like the trend to start with. What I learned at the end, that open toes sandals aren’t really everyone’s vibes. But there’s so much more sandals choices that they don’t consider either, say caged sandals, strappy, platforms, mules, any backless sandals and many, many, many more!

From my side, you can’t see me with a closed/normal shoe from the start of spring. You will find me in either, slides, my Birken or a strappy sandal that give the Va Va Voom that I always find myself/feet needs during the day. A pair of shoes can really transform your mood if you give it a chance.

Bottom line, I can’t wear closed shoes during summer. I feel suffocated somehow. I’m always on the search for summer sandals that I can wear on any occasion. Especially since I’m planning for my summer vacation and want to get some pairs that can target all my wishes/moods.

For that, I stiff the internets to catch on sandals trends for summer, to see what I can get now, what I can wait for and get on sale, that will still be trendy the next season–the goal of all goals.

Therefore, I’ve rounded up the best summer sandals that can work for any festive mood that can encounter your summer goals. And also, trigger the nerves simultaneously and send FOMO signals to any sandals hater brain.

In the mood for a beach walk 

I recommend something that won’t be ruined easily/at all. A PVC or jelly sandals will absolutely look hot slash quirky even out of the beach zone—Alexa Chung mastered the design of one of these with Juju. Just choose your favorite color and wear it on everything screams summer.

In the mood for a solo dinner

Yes, I can imagine you/me right now, a lightweight black dress, or just something satin. Your favorite new lipstick with a blurred line around the lips, and a shawl for the night chill. What you need is strappy heels, or a mule to compliment this frame. Go for a medium heel for increased opportunities for leisure.

In the mood for a museum stroll

To be honest I take all the day wandering museums and I should set a time for this to do other activities. But since this day could be a general stroll day, I recommend something flat sandals with soft leather and sole, Teva-like sandals or with a mini blocked heel. Flattering, but damn comfy.

In the mood for a dance

Hight is your best friend, your hoops and wild hair is a bonus. I suggest wedges like an espadrille or this pair from Maryam Nassir Zadeh. I love to wear my espadrilles with dresses or skirts, it will give that oomph to whatever you’re wearing. Ditto to medium heeled sandals.


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