Is anyone feeling all summery every second of the day even if your plans for today is to stay in bed, eating cookies, holding your laptop and scrolling every page that has an edit of any thing related to the beach and summer holidays? or is it just me!?

I mean, yes, I got some unintentional tan, and after that, I got myself a day at the pool (I mean, I had to, to even the color you know), anyway, I’m a shade darker now which I love, still my arms five shades darker, but I love it because I love to wear sleeveless shirts now to show that (proud of my burns!), and all I talk about is nonsense now so lets flip that page for good.

Still all I’m thinking about is great summer, I stopped iron my head, I want to enjoy my curly short-er hair now, having Carrie Bradshaw curly confident head, that’s a goal now. I also stopped scrolling Instagram because it gives me a hard time not to be at the beach, like normal human beings and enjoying my head and eyes scrolling somewhere else, like Zara! Aha. Again.

I’ve told you several times before about Zara and how I indulge at every page on it, because I feel it’s not just a lame display for clothes, I love the movements and the normality of every photo, but what I indulged in the most this time was tunics! dreamy summer tunics and short dresses that I imagine in every scenario of my perfect summery days…

summer tunics-1I’m visualizing this one wearing it on my breakfast with my best friend, the color of it seeing on the street not only will make you re-energize but everyone around as well, so easy chic that makes me wanna grab it from the screen, (I have a thing for curry really) and despite that I’m talking about tunics (and the fact that actually this one looks more like a dress), I can not ignore the black sandals that I already loved and wanted from Maryam Nassir Zadeh before, which is not in stock anymore… Are you with me people!?

This one screams BEACH BEACH BEACH and I’m agreeing on it, the sky and the sea, golden white sand, my big beach bag that I have no clue why it’s so big, music on my ears and sunglasses cover half of my face and a perfect swimsuit make the best shape for my body, all wrapped in one good hell of a soft embroidered blue tunic. Are you there yet? Moi aussi.

summer tunics-4

Ohhh this one makes me wanna dance on the streets with it, with my beach waves hair that I’ve already mastered by now (a never solved equation), the embroidered on the sleeves and the end of it are enough for me to go anywhere, any time wearing it, doesn’t need much, would ensemble it with my yellow scarf only this time would be on my ankle and one basic Birkenstock please, no bags allowed this time.

Now is when I felt that I could be a Parisian and act like I’m wearing something Isabel while I’m so far from Paris, this one is in cotton so I could submerge myself on sand with it, I don’t know really why my heart want to skip a beat because of that one, it’s so nonchalant and the simplicity of it makes the whole package really appealing to my eyes.

summer tunics-7

Here, when I got back to the beach wearing that colorful geometric embroidered tunic and decided that white is my other best friend along with my friends that I’m already with, having tan together, relaxing and walking on the beach tog… wait, stop thinking, what are you thinking anyway, you’re living only on spaghetti now, seriously! (my bitchy mind when interrupt my dreams).

There’s something in wearing a basic white shirt to the beach, it’s so classic and always chic, I love the slight transformation of it to be under the tunics family and I’d love to wear on the beach aaand style it everyday with a pair of cropped jeans. French mode: Back On.

Last and not least because I always love to leave the best for last kinda girl, this one was the explosion of it all, the one that started the whole series, the one that makes me miss my Pakistani English teacher because she used to style me with clothes and accessories that’s so close to those prints and colors, still I could feel the Moroccan aroma on it, with a Korean style sleeves, they’ve manged to paradox cultures in one tunic, and that’s what I love the most, I can imagine myself wearing this everywhere, everyday of this imaginable summer.

Now How would you imagine wearing your summer tunics?

From top to bottom: Curry combined tunic, Embroidered blue tunic, Red embroidered sleeves tunic, strips tie-neck dress, White embroidered tunic, Shirt style tunic, Long hand-embroidered tunic: All Zara.


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