What can i say? i’m still in this dilemma, because it doesn’t matter how much i try to solve this, it haunts me back again, to make it short for you, -all i want is this hair-
I’ve talked about this before, about my hair, and how dull and breakable  it is, tall? yes and love the color and sometimes when it have its own “mood”, it could totally look cool but its a one time in a life thing! you know when no one’s around and your at home alone this evening with no plans? yea this time, but why the hell can’t i reach this look? messy, out of bed head look? Every day!

people say that you can do this with two options: one- go to the beach! sun, salted water makes it happen… under these circumstances i don’t want anyone ever mention anything but a blanket and a hot cocoa! (maybe some popcorn!(between you and me i’m craving popcorn since yesterday and can’t get it! can’t get outta bed! okay back to my point!!)
option two- surf hair spray, yea maybe it’ll work, i never tried this! (nor dry shampoo!), blame the lala land i’m living in not me! okay maybe a little me because i have to do more online shopping.. but I’ve heard that people DIY it too, but i’m too lazy to do that! and i don’t know if it’ll give me any results whatsoever
But really is that all it takes, a surf spray? no i’m not buying that, Is this some of all mixed together thing? (small buns and braids with some texture spray to get the undone waves?) uhhhhh, my head full of hair and it’s not straight or have a normal wavy look, seriously i don’t know how to describe it anymore, but i really reallllyy want to know how to achieve that!i mean this hair is speaking to me people and says:
Can say no more, other than.. investigate…
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