The Anatomy of the Coats

 I think we all have a clue that this season was all about toppers, and we didn’t see pants that much (where’s the damn pants?!) that’s why I’m taking you to the journey of coats, so fasten your seat belt, it’s a long long ride…

The Normal but not So norm:
Of course this is the one that you’ll see the most on the streets, but i’m more glad to still see it on the runway, it never goes out of fashion, has this classic look, but you can do it your own way, comes in different colors (most neutral colors), different shapes  — double breasted, big collar, almost no collar, and from above knee length to the ground…
                                                                                         “A Classic Piece” 
How to wear it? 
It’s the easiest one to wear, there’s no drama here, you can wear it on anything, even with your pj’s, it’s a must from winter to spring in any wardrobe, just pick your favorite one.
Favorite looks from left to right: Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, Céline, Isabel Marant, Haider Ackermann.
The cape:
Another classic piece that we saw, on it’s raw shape and with some editing to it, from graphics to butterflies to fur, and in different lengths, I never wore a cape before, maybe when i was young, but i wanna give it another try, it just give the women the “lady” power you know what I mean, it just has this power to it.
                                                                                                “Superwomen Wins”
How to wear it? 
First choose what will suit you, if your a classic girl stick with the classic shape and colors, but if you want to play a little, the fur one has this rock power to it (my favorite), if you wanna go to the max, there’s a lot of graphics and colors to choose from.
Favorites from left to right: Valentino and Saint Laurent (it’s goes on and on). What! They Made great capes, you can’t blame a good designer for his goodness!
The graphics mood:
One of the trends that gave me — OMF shut up! moment. It was there big time, like it’s just not plain anymore, they mixed it up with great graphics, and great fabrics, combined together but somehow very structured, like you don’t feel crowded or too much in the piece, and the colors chosen wisely for that, I think we gonna see a lot of this on the streets next winter.
                                                                                                     “The “IT” Coat!”
How to wear it? 
C’mon, it’s a piece on its own! you don’t have to wear it with anything really, maybe something settle if you want to, and with the right shoes… you’ll be a moving art piece. And yes it’s a good thing.
Favorites from left: Valentino, Prada, Marni, Dries Van Noten, Again Dries, Missoni and Valentino.
The Fur issue:
That’s when I had — Uh OH… moment, this is when you realize that you don’t have anything in your closet, and your about to cry because no matter what you do in this moment, you’re not gonna have any of these. I can’t really imagine myself if i have one, Am I gonna build a glass closet to put it there and just sit in front of it with a glass of wine on my hand? or Am i gonna sleep in it?! okay it’s really confusing and all I know is that I have nothing to wear in winter, Thank you very much god dammit.
                                                                         “It’s a Fur or Non Situation”
How to wear it? 
You see I can’t really answer this one, (okay give me one and I’ll show you how in a million way!) aaanyway, sure it don’t need anything like the graphics one, but that’s the great thing here, you can really invest in one piece and wear it over your pj’s (with your bed head) so when you meet your Ex randomly on the street, you’ll look perfectly polished and he’ll think it’s he’s lost (indeed it’s his lost anyway, but I know you wanna see this face!) In this case, I have to sell my car to buy a fur coat.
Favorites from left: Valentino, Marni, Chloé, Dries Van Noten, Marni and Marni one more time (can’t help it!).
Back to Mama Nature:
Okay, this is what I love, winter is no longer gray and black, or white (though I love plain white), but it has the spring mood, from the flowers to the animals prints, they also did it in coats. You see, in a coat you have the space to work, it’s like a dress, you can draw you can play with fabrics, colors, textures, it’s really sublime.
                                            “The Perfect Contrast”
How to wear it?
If it has a lot of colors and prints, leave it alone or take the tiniest color in the coat and wear it in a dress or a turtleneck or some pants, or do a color blocking with the accessories, it’s about textures too, like putting a fur printed coat with a summer white dress with neutral shoes like the one from Chloe’, Play. The sky is your limit.
Favorites from left: Dries Van Noten, Rochas, Valentino, Chloé, Celiné, And No.21.
-Had to put the Chloé coat one more time because I’m going crazy for this one.
Punch of Favorites:
Since we mentioned spring, we can have a Punch now with other favorites coats/jackets that couldn’t left behind, (I’m loving this whole game! it’s like the Oscars or something!) So here’s to the best coats that I couldn’t fit in any category but rocking the ground like any other, zippers, giant shearling collar, textures and fur and full skirt/dress coat…
                                                                                       “Rock it like no other”
How to wear it? It comes in a way of how you see yourself in this, Attention comes with the label —Fierce people only.
Favorites from left: Stella McCartney, Sacai, Chloé, Fendi, Prada and Rochas.
The Celiné Dilmma:A word for Phoebe Philo,
                                                                          Do you have any idea what your doing to us? Do you realize how you make us feels? A lot of us can’t stand you, yea they all say that they love you, but deep deep down, there’s a lot of mixed feelings going on, and the talk goes on and on behind your back from season to season, yea they also talk about your girls, they don’t leave a thing! from hair to toe, the little details, God how evil are you, like its an equation of: Afford it or Forget about it!
Thanks for making our life miserable.
                                                                                 “I’m not kidding here.”
Wehooo what a relief!
I had to give the best award,  the “season” time achievement for Celiné, Aaaaaahhh, i had to write this note for PP because I hate this! i hate that i don’t have a single piece from Celiné, iIhate that i didn’t live the Celiné store experience and most of all, i hate that when I was this close ” ” to enter the store, it closed. Oh really Thank you! And no I don’t have a Celiné store in my country to go to whenever I feel like.
Back to coats.A great collection of classic black coats with white buttons to choose from will hit the stores next season, ohh god…
-Note to self: I’ve to invest in this, I have to invest in this, I have t…
Another collection of oversized over the knee length coats from Celiné and yes we still in the same collection, there’s a variety from the fabrics, colors and textures.
How to wear it?
If you are a Celiné girl, you really don’t need someone to tell you how to wear your coat, or anything actually, you’ll reach this level of awareness of how to hold your bag, how to layer and how to pay attention to the little details (the hair, the single long earring, the way that funnel necks folds and how the girls holds their coats while walking and you get this anticipation of what she’s wearing underneath…)                                                                                                           -Still can’t put it all in words.
Last but not least, The Statement Coat:
Glitter, feathers or embellished, that’s a hell of a coat here, and nothing’s cooler than wearing a statement coat and turn heads without doing anything actually, the bling bling do all the work.
How to wear it: Again, it don’t ne… I know I know, but really what does it need? just pair of the right shoes, and go wow!
Favorites from left: Saint Laurent, Celiné and Rochas.
I think I covered some of what grabbed my attention this season, it was long but fun ride, tell me your favorite! see you in another journey, you can leave now, Bye.


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