OKAYYYY I admit it, winter is here, like it or not, I love winter with all the layering here, whats not to love?? you can wear everything in your closet and off to road FUN! so as I was scrolling my images on my computer as usual, I wasn’t trying to find anything you know, its like random searching for something makes you go UGH! and here it is! that’s our topic here, Layerrrrsssssss! (as you notice from my writing I’m so full of energy and yes again you’re damn right, and why is that, because drums rolling….. I skipped my work today! called for sick aha, C’mon you all do that!) so I’m gonna spend the day with you, scrolling some old and new images and study the physiology behind the layering so lets begin!

We all do it in winter, it’s one of the main reasons why I love winter so much in the first place, so here’s the fun part, you can do it over and over again and never look the same, (Am I rapping!?!)

It’s all start with a basic, just like food (uh I love cooking), may be a white shirt, a skirt, bf jeans or a black tights (some people start with their favorite shoes) and build it from there, blazers, coats (id totally layer two coats at a time, and play with the proportions!), a dress, maybe throw some fur, gloves, accessories… it’s all part of layering, whether it’s something on you head, a shawl, a scarf or a red lipstick (yes make up also is a part here, not to mention bags, shoes and hair), you can play with textures and colors (my favorite kind of layering), you just keep adding to your look until you feel: okay I’m good to go (and that’s the thin line between layering and looking cool and sophisticated or over layering and looking like a clown, and everyone’s just different from the other, at the end its a matter of how you feel and how you want the world to translate you without talking right?
So it’s an endless choices and you can really do A lot with one piece of cloth, so goodbye cropped t-shirt and hello tur… wait a sec, I could totally layer some cropped t-shirts over some turtle neck shirts right? consider it done!
So! How do you layer!?

Images from: The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Vogue and Pinterest.


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