I’ve a very respectful history with bags. We’re not that close friends but we respect each others for the functionality that we both do in this world, okay maybe I respect it more…

In the past two years we actually didn’t see each other that much, at first, I loved holding big bags, it was great to put a baby on it if I want to! I was into clean and big cuts, it was my best friend, I loved our times together when I packed her for a day with friends on the pool or something, then all of a sudden, I got far away from it, big bags were only for emergency, busy or vacation days.

I slightly was introduced to different other styles, but I really didn’t have a chance with the small light weight clutches (I loved holding it underneath my arms when everybody said no to that), then to just a wallet to hold my stuff on it, I mean when you really think about it, what do you really need in your day to hold everywhere everyday? Essentials? Okay what are these to you?

For me, I was in this state of mind that I really didn’t need anything everyday to hold everywhere, it was “so what! men don’t have it and I already have pockets for my keys, mobile, money” kinda state of mind.

I think it wasn’t just about the bag, it was a way of my lifestyle back then, how can you liberate yourself to the extreme, and that influenced my style too, I’ve reached that point where I needed just a t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses, which was kinda cool! only if you could be like that all your life.

I was like that in all the other aspects of my life, and indeed that translated on my style as well and the thought of holding a bag, it was too heavy for me to hold anything in my hand, no matter how good it looks, I didn’t need it, and it backed fire me after a while…

After a year or so, I started thinking differently about what I really need in my life, because it got from liberating to abandon myself from some really important stuff in my daily life, like those days when I need to take my camera, my big wallet and my small water bottle, maybe a note, my sunblock for example… chocolate, I mean c’mon, I have to have some chocolate. So how in the hell I’m gonna fit all of that in my two bare hands, absurd. You see, that’s why we don’t need a big bag! We start to fill it with all the stuff that we don’t need like we can’t live without it, what are we afraid of anyway, ha!? I really don’t wanna get into that.

That was when I first thought about having a bag again, I needed something that fits all the previous needs in one bag but it has to be not like any bag I held before, something like:

1/ In a classic shape. (It was really hard seeing all the small 70’s bag walking the streets and the runways again without thinking of one, for real).

2/ In a very medium size but it can easily fit my camera.

3/ In black, okay black leather. Slaaay! (It’s been really realllllyyy long time since the last time I held a black bag, think 4 years if I could count!)

And that was my mission, simple right! I wasn’t really searching that much, but you know when it hits you out of a blue, it was like a friend you didn’t see for a long time and meeting her accidentally, we both were so trilled and she definitely came back home with me, it was just perfect, I fell in love from the first moment, it has a long strap too (having options to just refuse) but I prefer to hold it from its hands (more chic), and the most important thing is, it got those zippers and pockets that I lovvve to leave open with its chic shape and my messy liberating background #DetailsFreak.

We’re newly close friends and we’re getting closer and closer everyday, I also started to incorporate my clutches into my lighter days again. Taking baby steps is the key for every relationship, Am I right or am I absolutely right?

How’s your relationship with bags? Are you newly lover like me or an old pal?

Zara bag, Scarf: Vintage.

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