I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this since forever (why?), 1/ because its A must, 2/ because its A must! No cut the crap, seriously, this topic was in my head for a long time now because I want those thing in my life and I don’t have it! (Yes I have a sequins leggings and I don’t have a good pair of jeans), it’s insane!

Every single time I go shopping I’m always magnetized about the new, crazy, cool things and I buy it and go home happy, it’s my comfort time, I feel great after it even if I’m not necessarily gonna wear it (yes not everything I buy I wear, especially in Egypt), so when i want to wear something more basic, I find myself hovering the closet and can’t find a single piece, so one day after a great explosion in my wardrobe I came out with that conclusion… I don’t have a basic item in my closet!

So here I am deciding to get more basics and become less fashion victim so here’s my picks that i’ll search for and going to wear it forever (Basics for life):
-The perfect white crisp shirt:

I think it’s for everyday look and for night, just wear it with anything and because it a plain white you can add as much accessories as you need, let’s just picture this.. White shirt with a leather black pants , rolled sleeves, a perfect belt with black heels and there you are: Emmanuelle Alt for a sec.!

-The perfect pair of jeans:

Can you believe the i don’t have that! I know! I don’t have it in black or in perfect blue! No please have mercy, it’s already so hard to find the perfect jeans ( perfect cut, perfect waist line, perfect blue shade, perfect denim that will not change it’s color after washing), it’s too much to find in one piece! Gosh!!

-The perfect converse:

That’s just another topic, for me when it comes to shoes it’s my weak point, I could stay for hours just to pick the right one that i’ll go home happy with, and it’s not happening all the time, so for converse it’s the same issue (black or white?!) I find the black one is much more like rock, I don’t know why and the white one much girly, but I love both! (I had one like 4 years ago but it’s dead now, i was going to the gym with it, Shhhh), but i know what i want here, i want both!

-The perfect Gray/ White T-shirt:

Again it’s so hard to find (The fabric people the fabric!) I don’t want it to last for ever but I don’t want it to last for a couple of weeks either!, and yes the perfect cut and color (I found the perfect shade of gray in Zara but lets just not talk fabric), again too hard to find, too cool to own! Goes with everything on everything, and you’ll nerve get enough of it.

So after the four basics I don’t have and dreaming about having, Tell me, Have you guys found those yet? And if you did, could you please PLLEHASSee tell me where did you get it? and what’s you favorite piece? Peace xx



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