The Best Natural Face Masks Egyptian Girls Swear By

The Best Natural Face Masks My Egyptian Girls Swear By

Here are all the secrets

My surrounding totally influences that way I see beauty. How I approach beauty is developing with my everyday references. But I always have that rooted ideas about natural green beauty and products. I’ve grown up in an environment who taught me that natural always wins. And chemicals on the skin are not the best for you. Stay away from whatever you can’t pronounce or know the meaning of! When I got a little older (preteen years), I started to notice at the “girls night in” that I was dragged into by my mother, how women talk about natural beauty products and DIY face masks.

When I hit teenage years, I read a lot of books about natural beauty products. In the matter of fact, the first book I remember finishing alone and so fast, without any external force, was about masks for every skin type you can DIY with products you can buy from spice dealers and find in your cabinet and refrigerator. I finished the last page at the back of my father’s old white Mitsubishi car feeling utterly good about my accomplishment.

As much as I like to experience and review new products, I love to get back to these roots. So I asked my Egyptian friends what are the best natural mask that they (and women in their family) swear by! All of the masks mentioned below is used like any other mask you already use. Prepare, brush on the skin, wait for 10 minutes and cleanse. Here we are, sharing the masks we mostly use!

Purifying Natural Mask

Raw milk: rich in B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium, and other potent antioxidants. The results: you’ll feel the skin hydrated and clean instantly. I forgot about milk masks for years and one of my friends made it for me in a shisha-spa day— the modern oriental girls night in. She mixed the milk with starch, as it dried, it firmed on my skin and I couldn’t move my mouth. After cleaning, I literally saw improvements not only in my blackheads but all over my face.

Glowing Rejuvenating Natural Mask

Raw honey: No one isn’t doing this mask. That’s what I discovered when I posted about this article on my stories! It’s the easiest to make (you know, just put it in your face while you make your smoothie) and the best antioxidant for your skin. It can be used alone or with other ingredients for radiant, glowing, baby’s butt results. It also prevents future breakouts—My friend told me it’s proven, this alone makes me want to jump off my bed and do it right now.

Have you ever tried it with coffee!!? Just do it and don’t thank me because this will be better than the mud mask you’re using right now I just know it. No, it isn’t sticky as it seems it is and rinses off the skin pretty easily with just water. You can use a damp cloth to clean it but it seriously doesn’t need that much of a work. It’s the basic natural stuff that anyone uses.

Hydrating Refreshing Natural Mask

Sweet Almond Oil: My experience with oils isn’t good and I still can’t find an oil that my skin won’t react coco to it. But I can’t tell you of how many times I have heard of this one being ordered and asked for in the spice shops. Used alone or added to other ingredients, Almond oil plays its part for providing vitamin E which helps to hydrates and soften your skin. It can be your jetlag saver or your overnight repair care. It’s truly your choice.

Exfoliating Brightening Welcoming Natural Mask

Green tea and Sugar: is the best duo that comes to my mind when anyone mentions the word ‘natural’ to me. Sugar is a natural humectant and a natural source of glycolic acid (AHA). Which is perfect for acne-prone skin, removes dead cells, evens out skin tone, and anti-aging and The green tea is the perfect antioxidant.

Sugar has a 10 percent concentration of glycolic acid so it can be used daily. A higher concentration is used on professional treatments (70 percent). The deal here is that you can get the same kind of benefits if you used sugar exfoliation daily that you would see if you went to a dermatologist for a higher-concentration peel. Add a tea spoon of green tea (and a drop of water) for the polyphenols in it to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and sooth skin. This mask will make your skin welcome any other product with warm hugs like retinol and serums and sets up the skin for a better makeup look. Seriously, What do you need more in a mask? Now, I shared mine you share yours.

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