Despite of the gray and the brown combination, despite of what I wear underneath, I love to knot my coats. It defines the waist and make the whole look more classic, chic and strong somehow! And let’s just not forget about the million knot (not exaggerating) we saw last season on the runway, eh. But as much as some coats made to be knotted, there’s the loose and straight long coats that needs to be unknotted, it gives the effortless, free and flying silhouette. So my question here is: When is it matter to knot your coat? a) When you have pajamas underneath? that doesn’t mean that I wear that, hahaha, me!!? god no! b) You’re so chic by the core so it’s a matter of French altitude and all is left here is a really good accessories (hat, gloves, sick boots). c) You still chic by the core but you intend to unknot your coat because you have some flattered outfit underneath and you take the coat as just the outerwear frame of the whole look and to fly behind you, then we all just follow.

So if you’re (a), congrats, you’re just as lazy as… Moi, which I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing, it’s just good to foal the people that you actually spend an hour to pick such an outfit and now you’ll be truly honest when you say: I wake up like this.
If you’re (b), you’re the lady that grabbed my attention on the street the other day and I was sooo frustrated that I couldn’t dare to ask for a picture for an inspiration. Or a friend request.
If a (c ) lady, then you’re my muse for today, and you know that muses not that easy to be, not with me anyway. I’m still following, don’t freak out.

And if you’re little bit of all, then you’ve passed this quiz with A++ because you’ve got the altitude and the mood which makes the big different between a trend and a style.

So who are you anyway??



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