The Famous Egyptian Cheese Sandwich

Our version of the grilled cheese sandwich

The Egyptian cheese sandwich is simple science that holds great explosion chance. To achieve that, it is best eaten with sweet tea latte. On the first bite, the tomato will burst with sweetness and the cheese saltness will kick right on. The paradoxes of the two will welcome the acidity of the tea that is loosened with the milk and will be the perfect smooth layer that encourages more of it all. Just try it. I bet you if you can control yourself of not wanting more. There’s a variety of ways to prepare this sandwich, but today I’ll introduce you to the basics, the kinds of cheese and its best accompany.

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  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: Super Easy
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    • Fino bread*
    • Slices of fresh tomato
    • Feta cheese or Istanbulli** or Rumi*** cheese.

* Thin, soft and long Egyptian baguette-shaped bread roll with a mild taste that doesn’t have an open structure or thick crust. Skinny in width with 20 centimeters in length. If it’s not available, you can use any soft baguette shaped bread. The one in the picture is not the original shape of Fino but has the same taste.
**white cheese made from cow or buffalo milk, similar to feta cheese but has a robust, very salty chili pepper taste into it.

***A hard, bacterially ripened variety of cheese. It belongs to the same family as Pecorino Romano and Manchego. It is salty, with a crumbly texture, and is sold at different stages of aging. With varying degrees of saltiness depending on the age. Usually, in local stores, you can find three ages, old, medium and new. The older, the saltier, the better for this recipe. But you can go for the second stage if you don’t want much salt. Peppercorns may be added to Rumi cheese, and you can choose this type.

Most Egyptians love the oldest to the medium stage, but it’s beneficial for people with hypertension to eat the newest stage.


Cut the Fino open and fill it with the cheese of your choice from the above selection. Put the slices of tomato on top of it and close the bread and serve.

And here you go! Very simple. It is the perfect midday snack. Something we crave and ask ourselves the moment the combination hit out tastebuds why we don’t consume it more often. Can also be dinner or breakfast. It is directly connected to our childhood memory. It is refreshing but also plays a huge part to warm us in winter. I don’t know how… it’s magic.

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