the future of fashion

The Future of Fashion

Did you see The Future of Fashion series that Alexa Chung did for Vogue UK? if you didn’t, you should now, it’s a deeper look about the fashion industry and how some talented workers that we sometimes don’t realize put their heart/ mind dedicating to their work, she investigates in the fashion careers and how it’s underrated by the society. I choose one of the videos to talk about and this one specifically because there’s a lot I love about this specified one!

There’s Paris, Claire Waight Keller and the Alexa’s Chloé dress (damn youuu!), the sixties in london and the talk about how social change incorporate in the fashion industry, not to mention Raf Simons before he leaves Dior for good in his atelier with his people, working together hard, how he live art not only working it —big different, and you just feel like they are… just like you, people who love and can live fashion.

I don’t mean to be so emotional or yea yea she’s another “fashion lover” but it’s just when I see this kind of videos, people who work in the fashion industry and working very differently but at the end have one message, how the message delivery evolves but remain the same concept —to not stereotyping and misconception fashion. I feel alive again and not alone, because sometimes you can be so alone in the crazy world of fashion too, like you’re so focusing at what you’re doing and think that no one sees it but you, and ask yourself at the end of the day, Is my work really efficient to the creative part of the process? Am I adding something, anything? then you see this and feel like, oh that’s why I started this, here is where I want to be and suddenly you can see the track that you’re in right now and where it’s heading, what message do you want to deliver at the end, it doesn’t matter if, for example, I woke up and didn’t have anything to shoot this day because I have aloooot to say instead and not the good picture that I couldn’t have that day will prevent me from saying it.

Simon Porte Jacquemus says in the video and I quote: “I come from nowhere…”, and just like him I really come from nowhere when it comes to fashion and how I see it, how the social around me sees it (from mom, dad, family, friends, etc..) and how they take it for granted, like oh you work at fashion, hmm… how can you do such thing when you have a degree in architecture!? and that goes forever and I never can explain it in one word, all I do at time is smile with a statement face like: yea it’s what I love to do/live for the rest of my life! and in the same time how I see it as an important/serious form of art and how I want to translate it with ease, comic and fun way sometimes to change people perception, how it shapes and evolves me emotionally is what matters to me at the end of the day, I want to transfer that to people.


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