The Golden Era —Shwikar

When it comes to old movies, I was only watching the comedy Arabic movies and only if I pumped into one on TV. when I grew up (that was last year) and while discovering my identity that is attached with every visible/ invisible thing, I started to notice not only the art of doing a movie back then but the impeccable style of the great actresses that I find myself so inspired by without even feeling it. You can enjoy the slides and be inspired by, and also playing the “fashion memes” with mEEEEEH. Read the captions and comment if you want to!

This week we have Shwikar, she’s a famous Egyptian actress, was discovered by the Egyptian film director Fateen Abdul Wahab. She worked as a comedian in TV, cinema and theaters. She’s 80 years old and still with the same young spirit, doesn’t act anymore but left a legacy behind. Enjoy the golden slides.

A Dream!!!


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