The Most Anticipated Show

 When everyone knew that Nicolas Ghesquiere is the one who will design for Louis Vuitton, it became “the talk” of the fashion world ever since, so when he showed his debut collection this morning, Instagram exploded…

From the black leather wallet invitation to the letter he wrote to the show, my anticipation got higher and higher, i knew that i’m going to see something different, something new, something from Nicolas to Vuitton.
It was clothes. Just beautiful, strong clothes, there was A-line skirts, glossy boots and pants, high waist pants and  twisted belts around the waist, there was no playing with the clothes, but you will look at it for a while not knowing why, the proportions of the top layer into the other, the length of the skirts, the small details from how the girls hold their bag to the earrings and the necklaces, The line that came across the body, and been cut with different fabrics to make that contrast, and the boots that been designed with every look…
For me it was fresh, Ghesquiere made it his own way, that’s why it was new, modern and amazing -A new era of Vuitton.

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