The New Sandals

I think we all kinda set ourselves/ minds now for the summer aka Vaca! Am I right? yep, and that not an easy mission to do, you see, you’ve to be able to change your whole wardrobe for the current mood, buy some sunscreens and skin products, not to mention the right and ultimate bikini or swimsuit (it’s the hard task here), so it’s a long journey, and here we’ll start with… drums rolls please… Slides.

First of all, you know how much i love my Birks, but that was like 2 years ago, when it was the only one standing there. Now after all of the different kinds and shapes of comfortable slides, you’ll find what you love the most, and if you don’t feel it already, you’ll feel now, because it’s time, Ooo yeeeeaaa.You’ll feel refreshed, light, sporty, beach, waves and sand, elegance and mescaline if you want, and it goes on everything, i mean everything, if you give the chance of building the right contrast with it, the result will be unbearable.

Let’s begin with:

1-The Crossover Slides

From the very first time i saw the Celiné crossover ones, I knew this shape is the first slides I want this summer, perfect and so versatile, I can wear literally with everything, from shorts to wide light trousers. I’m amazed by the variety that I found, from leather to snake prints, metallic, embellished to a higher rubber soles, the easy breazy ones, even lace with espadrille soles! Really, What else do you want? No, Really.

From left: Heavy in a good kinda way one from MSGM, metallic with masculine rubber soles are Marc Jacobs, unreliable lace ones from Zara, basics and we all need ones from H&M, and last, metallic with higher soles from Zara.

2- The One Strap Slides 

And the easiest and most comfortable ones, from day to night, they really makes me wish to live on an island for four months and change my whole wardrobe to light easy dresses and culottes and my only concern will be my sun kissed glow skin and my perfect daily pedicure #ALifeToLookUpTo. They makes me feel that just by looking at them, so damn good, I want ’em All.

From left: The ones that we all want are Chloe’s, then we have the classics from Zara, the lux from See by Chloé, basics from Birkenstock, And the rubber stripped sporty ones from Adidas.


A Question: What to call this one? A Crisscross or a one strap slides? Doesn’t matter, I’ll have this one too please! yea it’s Celiné.

3- The Two Stripes Slides

In my opinion, they’re the it slides and the one who started all, especially the Birkenstocks ones. I think the story begun with something like this… A really fashionable German girl was in a vacation in Paris, and decided to give it a shot, and wore them with her very stylish outfit, accidentally an editor saw her and liked the idea of ugly chic and comfortable with the contrast of a really good outfit, transferred and wore it to her office, then to the front row when a street style photographer captured it and suddenly the world responded, From fashion houses like Givenchy and Celiné started to redesign it (remember the furry ones?), to some made it the basic sandals in there spring/summer/ autumn/ winter runways, and let’s don’t forget the editorials, to every blogger makes it a controversial topic then wearing them, to the retail markets who delivered the idea to the normal people and somehow it became an essential in every wardrobe in this time. We all participated in some way or another of making these ugly shoes fashionable and really good to our own eyes, but seriously who started the whole thing?!

From left: inspired by Celiné belt ones are from Zara, A higher soles from Sacai, White leather with white buckles and soles from Birkenstock and cool brown leather with jewels ones from Zara.

Do you feel the summer now? I think you do, go buy one.


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