the paradoxes

The Paradoxes


Since I came back to Egypt a month ago, I go sightseeing every Friday to discover more about my city Cairo, I always feel ashamed that I don’t know enough (for me) about the history of my country, or sharing enough of the hidden treasures here, for that, I explore new sights and revisit some of the historical places that I never get bored of.

It’s also about the people within the places I visit, the whole atmosphere that’s never existing but in the site you are in. Every time I see something new within the places I revisit. But the complex of the western lifestyle I dwell in and the hunger of wandering in one of the oldest places not only in Egypt but the world is something I want to feel every day.

We’re talking about the paradoxes here, that’s exactly what I mean. 



This time, I went when the area was very busy, people from other cities were there to just have fun and hang there because it was the weekend. I pumped into some girls that were wearing one of the Egypt’s’ oldest customs, it’s called “Melaya Laff” which is a long black satin cloth wrapped around the whole body embellished at the hem, that women used to wear on top of their satin dresses when they go outside the home (particularly at Alexandria), completing it with netted Niqab to cover their faces in a mysterious way. The satin dresses underneath the Melaya were fitted with ruffles at the end and been worn with mules, sometimes —or that’s how I imagine it, always— after the 70’s the Melaya disappeared from the streets and now back to rent and take pictures with in front of the historical sights. Although nowadays, every girl from Egypt dreamed at some point in her life to wear the Melaya as a normal part of her daily outerwear, but we just end up feeling sorrow for the old days that we wish we inhabited.

What I was wearing was also a vintage shirt that I discovered at my mom’s closet, pair it with a white tee underneath, cropped jeans and wrapping it all with my birks, adding a touch of pink pig socks for the fun of it. A black bag was held for a professional appearance. Jk it was for my camera.



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