the perfect bag

The Perfect Bag

Finding the perfect bag isn’t easy, if there’s such a term, you’ll find me looking for shoes instead of bags then, you see, I don’t wear big bags that much, handbags that could hold all the shit you have and be secured by when you walk the streets, you’ll rather see me with mini bags, clutches or no bags at all.

But since the first perfect bag that redefined the bags definition for me, I found myself re-perspective handbags as not just an object for holding every shit I have, but it’s for holding every shit I really need at this particular morning that is so hectic and really needs all the shit that was putting consciously to use at this bag in this morning, hence I needed a perfect bag for those days, a bag that could resemble my criteria.

I was always looking for a tote bag, something like Mansur Gavriel but on budget, something solid enough to hold my camera every morning, easy to wear with everything—doesn’t mean basic— could give a new word to my look, because if it’s there on my shoulder, it should count, and I met this one.

We met at Zara, I couldn’t resist how western chic it looks, I die every time I see shoes or bag that could give me that oomph that sometimes my clothes need. I imagined it with everything basic and not basic wear I have, how it looks abnormal to what I see everyday but easily to fall in love with. From the length of the straps to the shape of it and the details that could make a white simple shirt not simple at all. Imagine it wearing it with something equally compelling and you could go nuts from the cool air that hits you hard making you believe that all your wardrobe was just a complete shit without it.

I discovered it online last winter and after two weeks when I was ready to purshase it I found it on sale! Does that makes me love it more, YEAS!

Wait to see it in action soon—sooner than you think.

Have you found the perfect bag for you yet? Is there such a definition for you? What is it look like!?

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the perfect bag
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