The Power And Comfort of Women

Busy days, but good days, for eyes and mind! Creatures of Comfort, and yes I’ll take comfy easy notes as I imagine myself watching the show front row babyyy, it’s mind talking and I’ll share it with you, it’s fun!

1- Okay here we go, Ease, ease, ease, coool!

2-The hats, I need one.

3-Cactus prints over everything, really? #Areyoukiddingme! oh no, it’s also on that coat!! okay I want that!

4- Trench crisp spring coats are my new addictions.

5-Vest over Vest. Vests as tops! #Roger.

6- The converse! remember when you asked about that? Jade Lai answered.

7-Are these shorts, aha, a skirt… both!!? with that color! she got me now…

8- That easiness drives me crazy, it’s like a town girl in a safari or an adventure, but she still modern and cool as shit. I want to be that girl.

9- I’ve to rediscover jumpsuit with tall cardigans all over again.


Okay mind, calm down now, relax and enjoy another good show… it’s Tome babe.


1- It’s totally cool to layer light different fabrics in one look.

2- Unbutton your shirt, wear something lighter underneath, insert them inside any skirt, give that tube silhouette in front— illusion between a deep V and U look.

3- Those satan culottes are sick. _LKV6327

4- I could totally do this sari thing with a big scarf I have right now, I know I’m cool.

5- Clean easy dresses/coats, ankle level, with pockets, are everything.

6- Uhhh so powerful women looks.

7-Tie belts around your waist with everything.

8- I need at least one boxy shirt and one skirt of this collection.

9- I’ve shiny eyes from the floral prints and the metallic coat.tome-ss15-1



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