The Process of Taking a Photo of Yourself

The Process of Taking a Photo of Yourself

I proclaimed many times here that I’m a one woman show on the blog, wearing every hat on this job and climbed the self worth ladder to be extremely proud of it. Like any work, some days it could go so smoothly and others could go very bad and hectic, and because some people doesn’t know how hard it is, the ugly truth here is that running a blog is never easy work.

One of my best part of blogging is to take pictures, I really enjoy taking photos and one of the best times in the world when I edit it, but that doesn’t counts taking photos of myself! That part is Eff@#* stupid and hard for me.

Yesterday I saw that my blog and I needed a fresh new style post to publish, I through what I feel on my body—dreamy, subtle and effortless— and set the tripod for a good shot behind the sun to get the rays behind me feeling it!?, I love the shots in the balcony so much as I see it as a frame on every picture.

It was 10 am, the sun supposed to be in a good angle, I tried few ISO, F points tunings and I thought I was ready, remote it to shoot, click, click, another pose, click… I can imagine these… click… I love myself in this outfit, this would be so gooooddd!!!! Went to check the pictures, It’d never look any worst, it’s like the first time I hold a DSLR in ma LIFE!

Since I’m using a 50mm lens, It’s hard to shoot the full look on a small space, the distance between my balcony and the wall in front of it is really small so I tried few times but failed every time! I tried different positions, different angles to make with the tripod, sitting, standing, I was this close to lie on the floor and shoot my dead body to get done with it, yes, I want this all to be done as soon as I could.

But That won’t defeat me, and whatever was the output, I decided to share it!

I’ll let it out, my trails and errors of taking a very bad picture, as I hesitated for not taking this action for showing an unprofessional take, but I couldn’t care less but showing the struggle of everyday, or every other day.

Most of the shots are not on focus. There’s much light on every picture from my behind and I think there was something wrong with my remote, because it was a real struggle to take photos with it! I think it needs a battery change.

The only photo that I can say it turned out good is that blouse photo, don’t you think!?

As for what I wear—That captured in a very blurry way and generated a whole other post idea— a flowy blouse with bell sleeves and thin neck scarf that I turned to a chocker, paired with cropped flare dark denim to be the best partner in crime with the metallic ballerina flats, that was encouraged with starts other than blocks to do its justice, never means metallic needs a thing to be upgraded. All worn with forgettable head that’s freshly been sheared.

What’s the worst part of your job? and how do you handle it?

Blouse & Flats: Mango, Jeans: Zara. 



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