The Relation Between my Laptop and my Parents

How to describe what you’re doing all day long at your laptop to your parents?

The other day, my dad was sitting beside me, and like you know, I’m always in my world, all ears to my music, so I heard him after a while when he asked in carious: “What do you do all that time on the internet? share it with me, Am I not allowed to know!!?”

Well, my dear dad, you are absolutely have the right to know, but the thing is I can’t really explain it. What he saw was a Google translation page, when I was translating a french article to English to understand… Uh c’mon I’m french at the heart, not with the tongue, Oui.

So my answer to that question was something like that: Ummmm, I read that thing about that one, but it’s in french so…

“Okay and how that will benefit you!?” he said, but I know what he meant, my dad’s whole life work was all about books and publishing so he appreciate the fact that I’m reading at the first place, I know my dad’s question wasn’t aiming to that, he wanted to say why are you spending that much time at the internet, what’s in this internet world that is so interesting that you won’t leave it for a second!

On another hand, my mom is always furious about my internet “addiction” as she phrase it, she already thinks that I’m addicted and I have an addiction for a certain devil music that it’s like cigarettes or bad habit I can quit, yes that’s my mom ladies and gens,

But I really can’t explain it to them, and now, after I knew that I’ve to wear glasses, because of my headache, she become even more furious, like: SEE! (and the “I was right speech” come after) plus some orders like: “Don’t stay at your laptop that much! it’s not like your working on it or something…”, if she knew enough, she would’ve told me: “You’re not running Google hun. put that thing down, you’re not obligated to do that!!”

Well, I am. And I’m doing it with all my free wellness.

I love what I do, I’m trying to be more relaxed (because, seriously I’m not running Google) however, I really can’t live without my blog and it’s part of who I’m now, I open my laptop before I brush my teeth, open my blog, and start criticize it, like I hate that, still missing a lot, etc. I also don’t consider myself as a writer, I just share my mind, I always have the urge to do that, and if I didn’t, it’ll explode at some point, and blogging is the only way to say what I couldn’t express before, but it’ll reach what I want step by step since I’m doing all the work by myself here, I’m not rushing it, I’ll enjoy the ride, this ride that I’ve begun with all the willing to become what i want in this world that i’m living in, that’s all what matters to me, and all i know is as long as I’m going forward, I’m fine.

As for my dear parents, they will get it at some point… In the meanwhile, I’ve a blog to run.

And curiously asking, How do you explain your passion to your parents?

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