The Reversible Bag

I know at first glance, and specially if you’re a bag lover, you’ll play the game with me and say which brand this Zara bag reminds you of, right!!? well… I love this gameee!!!! it’s my favorite game on earth, okay let’s meet at Zara and play together, I can kick asses. For real. 8506304040_2_3_1

Yes it’s like Mansur Gavriel large tote bag. You win.

But hear me out, I know it’s a bit cheesy from Zara to imitate lot of pieces from big names and brands, sometimes I hate it cause I really can’t see the different or I see it in a really cheap way, but sometimes I love it because they can do it even better, there’s a lot of great stuff at Zara and could last forever with you, if you choose right. Comes from a mouth of an experience Zara shopper.

Here, I can’t compare it to the Mansur bag, it’s just the same shape, and that same shape goes for Louis Vuitton bag too. I love Mansur’s and I wanna have the clutch and the tote bag one day…

Plus you can’t compare the leather of the two versions, but it’s the same idea of the contrast in the inner color but there’s a bonus at the Zara version that could make me think of buying it:

1- It’s a reversible bag so it’s 2 in 1 bag, yayyyy! I love cliché ideas!

2- But if it’s not good, I won’t find myself talking or thinking about it in the first place.

3- I love that shape for everyday look and I may consider beginning wearing big bags again starting with this one.

4- It’s so cheap.

5- There’s three different colors of it, which if you’ll buy them all you’ll have six different bags! I love bargains on anything.

Zara can really push my pressure points. In a good way.


Bags from Zara.

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