The Secret Formula for Incorporating Trends Into Your Everyday Look

The Secret Formula for Incorporating Trends Into Your Everyday Look

Add a touch here, another there, and you’re done!

I recently discovered that one of my weaknesses, or strongest factors when it comes to choosing pieces is that I want them to last me more than 4 seasons. For years actually. So I always find myself attracted to these trends that I know will serve me for more than 4 months. I have a very simple technique to do this.

  •  Search and search and search. I prefer to go for vintage photography and find what true style represents. You can see new details every time.
  • Wait for it to simmer with people, give it time. Don’t buy that leopard skirt unless you saw a leopard trend on the horizon.
  • Go for these things that are not extreme. If you want to own one piece of these every season fine, but don’t let your whole wardrobe screams trends. Or your outfit. OG wins, every time.
  •  Let it scream basics that you can form millions of characters from by just adding good accessories. Let me deliberate on this one:
    My on the go style (and the character I always love to show through my attire) is simple with something that will give that “oh, she also knows trends but doesn’t go overboard with.” glimpse. Balance is everything. I love to wear “firm trends”, those who won a seat of becoming a stable. Because if you thought about it, everything begins as a trend.

I love to wear “firm trends”, those which won a seat of becoming a stable.

For example, These are the trends I can wear right now. That will make me feel like I’m in 2019:
Hair clips: it’s been here for almost 4 months now, so if you like it, if you think you can wear it in a mature way. You should have it.

A baguette bag: This one falls on both trend and classic parties, which like I said what I love the most. It will never go out of style. After Dior reintroduced the Saddle bag, I waited for Fendi’s move and they did it this season. I’m not talking particularly about the baguette itself as much as the shape of the shoulder bags. Furthermore, I hate big bags anyway, and maybe that is because I still don’t have the life for a big bag yet. This is my theory.

Ditto to Manolos mules which you can score from The Real Real under $100. Fun accessories, layered accessories, that stuff that will pop it up. Imagine it with me; two girls with a white plain T-shirt and washed straight jeans. One is wearing it with flats, and a sack black bag, and the other is wearing it with a shoulder bag, layered gold necklaces, hoop earrings, and a pair of mules. Which one you will like her style better? This is simply it. It is in the art of layering these trends between your basic style. In the choice of a texture or a simple alteration.

I’m not saying you should buy a designer bag to be on trend. I’m thinking about shapes and silhouettes. About what looks better for me, choose the right things for you. It’s the perception of the taste of what looks good on you. Add simple layers of joy that will define your style. This is my theory for today. Weight in and open my eyes.


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