The Shirt Dress

We talked about that Knit dress before, but since it’s realllyyyy hot now all the morning like I’m melting here, how about shirt dresses?! ha haa! sheer, light, summer is the first word will pop up when u see it but most of all free…

I have three different dresses that i like the most here, the first one’s from Celiné and i’m dying over this one because of it’s sheerness so i can wear anything underneath, the pockets, the hemlines. It has the “famous Celiné” belt may I say — that belt now is everything, Zara’s putting it in every single piece they make, and don’t forget the Celiné Birkenstocks version, so overall, i’ll buy the whole damn look, I Wish.

Okay i have a moment of shame here… and I’ve been for hours trying to fix that but I can’t! I can’t remember who made this dress! i found on my desktop nameless, and since that I’ve been scouring vogue trying to remember the camouflage runway is for whom but I couldn’t, but also after all this time I don’t care, good clothes is good clothes, and there’s a reason for it to be on my desktop, and if anyone knows who’s that for please say now.
That shirt dress is too good to be true, again i love the pockets, the length and the simplicity of it. It really don’t need anything underneath, but if you Do fear the nibbles like moi, simply cover it! (i’m an Anthony Vaccarello girl but I’m not his girl when it comes to nibbles).
A dress by Paul Smith, sheer and long with long sleeves, will be great on the beach or if you fierce enough to wear on the streets. Ps: that hat makes a huge thing here, literally.
Okay lets get serious, i love all the dresses here because not only i could wear them alone, but the lightness of it makes me capable of wearing it in different ways. Maybe with skirts on top of it, maybe a high waist pants underneath and nothing on top, or maybe with the lengths of the shirt dresses with a different dress on top or underneath, depends on what you’ll begin with. So it’s not just a shirt dress, it’s a million idea if you give it a try.


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