The Statement Tee

Ok I have a short story to tell, my sister always nags on my head to wear something new everyday! Those new stuff that been there on my closet for years that I never thought about wearing before, It’s not like I don’t want to wear it but you know, I saving it for the right time!

So when it was time to wear something new because she insisted, I just couldn’t do it because I think I’ve my reasons, No.1 we were going to a movie then take a long walk and I can’t play hard games my special pieces, No.2 I want something comfortable and that is just a lame reason because all my pieces are comfy (but not the shoes) but I was trying to convince her. My plan worked and we met at a point where I’ll wear something new that could make a statement but I could feel comfortable in it, something for everyday and for that long walk, we agreed on statement tees.

Here Tt’s paying attention to details, tucking t-shirts is one to apply.

After the adjustments, never looked cooler!

Before the adjustment, Looking mad thinking the look needs a twist!

Slogan printed or just printed, illustrated t-shirts that’s basic cut but in the same time could speak something about yourself, anything you like or believe and just want to statement! Here’s our chance and I wont blow it.

For that, my sister wore her signature Japanese shirt because she admires such a culture hint, you can see that without her spoken words, pair it with a flared cropped jeans stole it from me because let’s not be impressed about the fact that it doesn’t close on me now, yet, completed with a ballet flats and a pack bag that I FORGOT to shot but it’s so clean that you think it’s Mansur’s, mission accomplished.

teeraw - 1 (8)

Mine was a David Bowie shirt that I WAS ALSO SAVING for a good day, I mean C’mon! I’ve to!, the thing is I couldn’t find any better day cause there’s no need in this world to save your clothes right!!? still alternating that on my mind, pair it with nothing but, yes again, cropped jeans, my perfect bag and a Birkin pair that you don’t see everywhere in the world of blogging that also looks cool with black thread that I put/ illustrate daily on my ankle now.

What’s the easy single piece that you can wear everyday to make a statement!? How do you wear it and what’s looks like!?


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