The Ugliest Beauty Products That Actually Work

We all have a selection of products that are considered more function than anything thing else in our beauty cabinet. Stuff that we won’t put in our top-shelf though, but it took a much better place in our lives. These products fall into the ugly looking category. It is so important that it never goes to the cabinet anymore. These are the stuff that is always around. In a platter, a tray in on the disk, next to the bed, or in our daily handbag. We don’t care how it looks like, it simply does the job. Some of these products are the following. 

For me, one of these stuff is Weleda Skin Food. Although it became a chic top-shelf product recently, I always find it a stable, not due to the packaging (you know I love the packaging) but due to the product’s abilities. I don’t recall a skincare post I wrote without at least mentioning it. I don’t feel hydrated without slathering some on every tip of the face every morning, or after midday cleanses. Since I’m not sponsored by Weleda, I only use it on my face, or rough area. I prefer Nieva Soft to cover my body with after showers. It’s cheap, works, and smells original. Also, I can not live without an Egyptian loofa, one for the body, and a small one for the face. Oh, I discovered I can’t live without baby wipes after I found myself out of it and needed to restock last week. I use it a lot when I’m out and at home. Also, Panadol, are you kidding! Finally, I use plastic claw hair clips daily. It’s the only thing that keeps my hair in place. I believe that some hair clips are uglier than scrunchies (like the one in the image above). But since I break one every 5 seconds, I won’t wear the pretty hair clips 24/7. So I don’t mind the look of a high bun with a big ugly clip underneath it if it will keep the flyouts intact.

What about you? I know you have some of these. 

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