My weekends are pretty much the same, but this weekend, I realized that it’s not normal to live every weekend like how I do it! I was so concentrated about what I do on it and decided to note everything, it wasn’t great, was actually something like that:

9AM: Waking up, realizing it’s only 9 am and I want to sleep more cause its’s the weekend!!!! Ok let me check Instagram…

10:12AM: Shit! Ok Sleep now! oh I wanna go to the bathroom, too cold, maybe when I wake up.

10:45AM: Finally fell asleep.

1:30PM: Waking up feeling that my head weights 30 pounds and I can’t figure out why, I slept more than enough, oh maybe that the problem.

2PM: I’m having my morning coffee at 2 and I can’t call it a bad thing.

2:30PM: Finishing my coffee and watching Tv that is obviously doesn’t has anything on it.

3PM: Trying to think where I could be this weekend with nothing on my head but where to find the best dutch apple pie in my city, and of course there’s nothing like this I could find here which is an excuse to curse the city for not having a one place of pies and thinking to move to any other place just for the sake of a pie!!

4:13PM: Checking the mails and the blog and trying to write a post about the fashion week with no luck.

5:23: Reminding myself that it’s the weekend again but also that I need to work more, a closed circle that your mind is taking control of you between working or doing nothing and the thing is you never enjoy the weekend at the end.

6:30PM: The laziness take over everything and deciding to stay home this night because maybe maybe I could find The Oscars at one good channel, I was dreaming.

7PM: Deciding to make pizza from scratch just because I’ve all the ingredients and the fact that I’m glued to my couch which is not healthy.

7:45PM: Waiting for the dough to rise and talking to my friend on the phone who’s taking my advice in her wedding’s details that will happen after 2 weeks, realizing that I’ve have nothing to wear and doesn’t mind it ATALL. Like Reaaally.

9:30PM: Happy as a clamp with my pizza which turned out good but not great cause I made the dough set longer that it should be. Searching for a good easy romantic comedy movie on TV because the internet is sucks and could take one hour to watch 15 min of it, no I’m not kidding.

10PM: Found a good movie that is about to end, the universe responded late, or never got my case.

10:5PM: The Django Unattached is starting and I’ve heard that it’s a must-see one, and that’s my excuse to make popcorn now—Should I add Chips with it! Ooooh and pizza! A fiesta for the movie, oh I’m such a great thinker! Turning the lights off and finally enjoying.

10:15PM: Ads is the worst thing ever, they cut you out of the mood! So I check Instagram and all the people who’s preparing for The Oscars and envy them… scrolling… Recipes for The Oscars!!?? They are teasing me especially and I’m done with Instagram now.

12:50AM: The Movie is over and it was great, The weekend is over with something good eventually! Time to sleep.

Let me check Instagram… The RedCarpet started… I’ll sleep now cause it hurts… maybe I should go out, maybe next weekend.

Seriously, It’s time to spend it real good.

Illustration of Reese Witherspoon at Legally Blonde which picture my condition at the weekend to give you the whole picture.

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