I now become obsessed with Instagram for the sake of seeing every look live-streaming, back in the days, it was an exclusive event and you only get the insides from a very small number of bloggers and Vogue, now is not really a problem, everyone is at the fashion week!

Because I don’t attend fashion week ( I wish I’ll be there the next season), I come up with ideas to deliver my content on Instagram other than just a runway photo and the caption underneath it, for that, I incorporated my writings the last two years, you can see it on #FPwords and #fpillustrations, but this time I wanted to share something more, for that, I came up with the #TheGirlAt.

#TheGirlAt is about a girl at a certain show, how I see it, and how I let my imagination dress her, like if I was her how would I wear it, I simply illustrate on her the way of dressing the piece that she’s already wearing if I’m wearing it. It’s like the fashion week version of what I want to wear at the moment! And I love it!!!

I started with these for NYFW, wait for the rest this fashion week season and I hope you like it! Which one is your favourite from those three!?


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