Things I Love to Cook This Summer

Things I Love to Cook This Summer

Welcome to My summer List Part 2! Since my first part was a great hit and I managed to do more of the illustrated stuff more than the regular to-do list, maybe that’s because I take the time to illustrate it and fully think of the thing that I want to do and that give me the boost of full excitement that I just need to actually DO IT! May be… Surely.

For that, this list is about the things I love/ would love to cook this summer since it’s Ramdan now and I actually have the time to cook or because I’m obligated to cook to eat after a long day of fasting, make desserts and have a normal day that I can be productive in and achieve all I want in it. Not all the time you know.

In this list of the things I love to cook this summer I have… oh don’t you just love to have a specific list for the categories in your life? Work, activities, food, travel… that’s a blast when it comes to illustrate all of it and do it or just illustrate some of the work you recently have done because you loved it and you think you’ve accomplished something that’s worth celebrating? For that I have:

Real Tomato Sauce:

I did a red sauce spaghetti two days ago and while I was doing it I found out that I didn’t have any tomato paste for the sauce and freaked out, so I did it with fresh tomatoes which was a first for me and it was really Goooood that I want to expand my knowledge about the red sauce pasta rather than the white sauce version that I always do.


If you are familiar with the Sambosk then you’ll know how great it is on the Iftar table, it’s crispy fine dough on the outside with meat or chicken filling that you can dip with a chill red sauce and be grateful forever. I did it with meat filling and it could be a great snack for everyday doing nothing time.

Indian Vegetable Rice with Kofta

I was in a bit of surprise when I did that and tuned out unexpectedly tasty. I wasn’t sure that I know how to cook, I mean it’s not that simple to balance your salt,  herbs and everything to go together in one dish without having any reference but the taste your mom gave you when she first did after you  all taste it for the very first time at this Indian restaurant that you can not forget.

Konafa and Katayef filled with Cream Chesse

Other than the fact that I know how to do the regular Konafa with nuts, I did the  Konafa filled with fresh cream and mango yesterday, the next step is the cream cheese filling one! I don’t even imagine what it tastes like and that’s exactly what I need! Same thing goes to the Katayef, you can fill it with anything (such as Nutella!!!) and I want to experience all the flavors. I feel like this blog is heading into the food category more and more everyday and that is not healthy for me at all!

White Chocolate Salty Sticks

With eatable confetti!? follow my lead here ok, It’s the most easy thing to do, you dip the sticks in white chocolate, confetti it, and leave it to hold and if it’s a salty sticks with cumin mm mmmm mmm… my lady, I assure you can concur any party with it like not only the best snack lady but as the best taster in the city because of the fact that you came up with something like that.

Sautéed Veggies

Speaking of summer and freshness, this is mostly what I can do fast and everyday, submerged with butter is the only way to eat it, period.

Donut care but I fully DO!

I do because you know what? It’s summerR and I don’t have any good donuts in my city. Ok, I take that back, I only have one local store that its donuts are good enough but it’s far away from home nonetheless I searched a lot with nothing to find like… lets’ say, something parallel with the Crispy Creme version or even homemade lemon creme filled ones! and if you can’t find it anywhere, you have to do it yourself is my mantra this summer, for that let’s fill the days with raspberries cream cheese and dance in a pair on our eyes!


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