Things I love to do this summer

Things I Love To Do This Summer

June is here, it’s my quintessentially month, the month of everything!

I don’t just love June for the summery idea behind it, or the fact that my birthday comes on the 26th of it (and the fact that I’ll turn 26 alsOO, AHA, OH YEA AHA AHA…), I love it for how it feels like a great new phase for everyone, its summer and everyone has it planed! or is it just me who want to feel 26 at its best!?

For that I wanted to write a to-do list but the thing is I never stick to them! Even if it feels so satisfying to work your list down, checking everything you’ve done and feeling good about your progress, the satisfaction of finishing it, but sometimes you just don’t, you just realize you’re suck at this to-do list and it’s not working with you! As easy as it is, it’s not for me.

I rather illustrate my to-do list! it’s really efficient for me, after illustrating what I want to wear once (will do it again soon), it gives me the boost to actually wear what I really want (from what I really have in my closet) its like the mirror of your mind, so I thought why not to apply that on my to-do list!

I call it My Summer List. Why? 1. Summer is a short amount of time and the now or never method will pop on my head so I’ll do it. 2. When I’ll do anything from it, I can finally check on my illustration rather than my to do list which I think is better, because we’re always excited for new things to try, you’re changing the way you put it out and that will change the writing look you mentally have been so bored of! And 3. I’m always excited at summer time and that will make me do the stuff that I want to do at the time, hoping that some of it become more as a habit more than just a thing I’ll do and cross on my paper, or in the other hand, stuff to know that I won’t do again because I didn’t like when I try it, it’s the experiment, the journey, the purpose, simply being happy with my self improvement! So the random but important things I’d love to do this summer are:

Deliver the best image

My work is my no.1 concentration at the moment, for that, I want to learn more about Photoshop! I confess! I don’t like Photoshop! I find it so hard to learn and prefer the easier version Lightroom or just the Photos app on mac to edit my images, yes lame. I need to know more bout the lighting and practice my photography skills more because I love that part of my work so much, hence deliver the best content—the exact same vision that I visualize on my head, so I’ll start to search to learn on that more.

I need to work out

Anywhere, anytime, cardio, yoga, Pilates, anything! I need to do it because it’s the number one thing that makes me feel good about my inner self, looking at the mirror and the reflection makes you feel good about yourself, hell yea!

Take a good care of my skin

which part of it comes as a second result of watching my body and my eating habits, for that I want to do more than a mask on my skin, I need to go raw! Like putting potatos with cold green tea around my eyes seeing how it’ll goes! I’ve heard that it makes wonders, Any other tips!?

Find the best spot to eat junk on my town!

I’m not sorry! I love food! and I won’t limit myself from that but I’ll watch it! And actually finding the best spot could be really hard, you see, my town is filled with cafés and chic restaurants, however, different place but same food! I want the best place that looks cozy cool and could serve me the best junk/street food. You can say now: you want street food and the only way to eat it is on the street, but you really don’t know how the street food looks here, it’s never appetizing to eat from a street vendor on Egypt and there’s no variety at the menus at all, maybe I need to start doing my own street food! Or just search harder, I believe that someone somewhere came up with the same idea. For the home food I can do even better, plus I don’t need this at the time! My mom does the best home comfy food so I never find myself wanting to eat good stuff on the street! I want fried, cheesy, chewy doughy best thing on this earth! with the best place to come with.

Make the best iced coffee

I love the kitchen, if I’m so stressed, the kitchen could be my way out, searching the web for the bet recipe is my thing, doing something comfy, watch a movie and eat is a blast for me, I’d spend my whole weekends like that. Now because the summer is coming on full whack, my mind won’t be refreshed with hot coffee on morning no more, you need to come up with the best solution to give the best on the day! I’ll start with iced coffee, any tips on that!?

Mastering a tan

If it happens and found myself on a beach burning my shoulders one more time I will not gonna forgive myself, I mean I’m a grown woman now, damn it! and no matter how I applied what I’ve read about SPF’s and the best tan methods, you’ll find me with a very white face, burned forehead and shoulders, I’m starting to think that we’re not meant to be!

Find the best Red polish

If there’s a thing I love to do every summer is that wearing slides, with that comes the responsibility of making your feet look at best, I’ve been wearing nude polish for the last year as I found it the quickest solution if you don’t have much time for polishing your nails, trust me, it’s much better than doing any other color if you’re in a hurry, its like you’re painting your nails to become one part of the toes/feet, get me! but now I’m craving red, it’s totally the opposite side of not taking any time for your nails, and puts more shine on any slides. I’ve seen OPI ‘my fortune cookie’ shade on someone’s nails on Instagram and couldn’t look any further, still didn’t buy it, suggestions are welcomed.

Participate for help. One of the dreams that got way back on my mind by the shit of the daily life, I want to help and enlarge that help to a community you know, ok, I’ll cut the bullshit and just start by doing something good for any person.

Win the H&M, Bloglovin’ contest

Bloglovin’ and H&M are looking for the next breakthrough blogger and that ladies, Gentlemen is me, yes I would like to think that I’d win and that only will make me reach half of the route right! I’m working on my look for it, just wait for it! Very Excited.


I want to go somewhere new, and as much cliché as it sounds or as much as someone could see on Instagram images, I’m in hunger for the adventure of going somewhere new, not knowing anything about its people and learn new things form them, as much as I’ve said this already, it’s still on my to-do list, tuning it to an illustration, so I’m sure it’s coming really soon.

What about you? How do you look up for this summer? Have you made any lists yet? What is it!?


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