Thinking Style?

Call me crazy! Maybe I am, my mind actually is, the paradoxical thinking of which I should spend more time thinking about executing a good outfit for a good damn day or I just play it by my current mood and go easy peasy!?

The mind processing the good outfits that i see all day on Instagram or Pinterset and all it says: you don’t have any style, you don’t know how to choose your looks, look at those looks, just so effortlessly good, you don’t even have to think what to wear everyday because you already have nothing to wear!…

No, it doesn’t shut up.

And keep thinking, should I try to think about it more, I mean, Is that daily process of wearing something consider serious thinking or I’m fine by just feeling it, Is it enough to feel what your mood is saying today and go for it? What if my current mood is all black everyday, should I let it be or think about re-energize it? and here the thinking part comes. Is the two forces can not go without each others? What do you think?

Carlo Scarpa


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