This Is How I Wear A Knit Dress Three Different Ways

The concept of a knit dress has always fantasized about me. I first saw the knit, sweater style dress and really liked it in the early 00s street style photographs. The look introduced a short cable knit dress with a pair of short black shorts that I saved to be my desktop background for a month. Since that time, I never not noticed sweater dresses and how it got in many different shapes that are worn in many different ways.

Today I wore my orange knit dress in three ways that were originally shot for TikTok. And since this is “the space” where I see, hear, and speak about anything, I thought, well, these knit dress outfit ideas should be here too! And since the ultimate goal of this space is SHARING, I would love to see and know how you also wear your knit dresses this fall.

My sister got me this orange, midi, knitted, rounded neck, long sleeves, A-line dress last year, and I only wore this fall, putting it under stuff I would wear for the next five years file . I like to wear this dress casually most of the times. Below is 3 different ways that demonstrate how and when I wear this knit dress, classified from the easiest to most creative way!

The Easiest way of all

I put the dress together with a rustic brown belt once got from H&M men’s section, a pair of hoops, and an old pair of flat strap sandals because it’s not winter yet, aka I can wear my whole wardrobe in this weather, and I love it.

When to wear: Any day in the fall, suitable for mornings, and great for brunch meetings, I tried it. I believe this look would be perfect in a Spain trip, but I’m only dreaming now so…

The chicest of all

I love this look because it got expanded from only two pieces–A light multicolored sweater that has a very seamless hemline and excellent geometric shapes, and a pair of high heeled sandals. You can’t see the sweater dress anymore, although, it fits perfectly in the look.

When to wear: From afternoon till evening. Great for dinners and parties.

The most creative that it deserved its own post


You got a boxy blazer, now you have a boxy trench coat 🖖 ##stylehack ##tiktokfashion ##tiktokfashionstyle ##fashionchallenge ##outfit

♬ original sound – aileezn

It came out as an accident when I tried to wear my oversized trench coat with a dress and a pair of Converse. I wanted to show the dress more, so I tied the coat from the back tightly than usual to give it more lines on the sides. The surprise was when I found it created a boxy shape from the back, it got doubled with the flip, and when you tuck your hair, it just feels ready for 2020.

When to wear: I won’t say it’s suitable for wind and rain because the purpose of the trench coat here is to add shape more of its functionality. BUT it wouldn’t hurt when you wear it in these weather conditions/ anytime you want.

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