This Time

Just saw this backstage image at Vogue from Anthony Vaccarello show, it just took my eyes, there’s a huge cool elements at this picture and i love everything about it, with the details around the neck, Omg i can’t believe that i didn’t see this show till now (so not good), furthermore, i can’t believe how stressed i’m and i’m not even in Paris!

Today my phone battery died when i was a sleep so the alarm didn’t woke me, so i woke up like a crazy person at 1pm jumping all around like a crazy chicken took a shower and made coffee just to see what i’ve missed today, which was Kenzo! (#amazing btw), you see, even if i’m watching from home and i have no idea what live shows feels like, i feel like fashion weeks for me is a hysterical time, i’m 24/7 on my laptop, Instagram, twitter seeing and thinking and trying to absorb all the different things that comes in one day, even with that much of inspirations, i can’t find time to even post what i see or think, it’s just like everyone else at this season, whether you are covering from the shows or from your screen, it just the same crazy thing, all i do is taking notes and notes, okay, now i remember i didn’t drink water all day long! breathhhh! hmmmm…

I just have to relax and it’ll all come out at the right time, right? how about you? How do you feel at this time of the year? Crazy person like me or your feet at the ground and chilling, and if so.. how you do that?

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