Transition Weather series #1

On days like these, as we all get sick and have no clue what to wear, and this time not because we have nothing in our closet, it’s because of this damn weather, that makes me sick all the time, should I go lighter? no it’s too cold, wear more! now it’s too hot! uhhh, so instead, I’m making my transitions on the outer wears, and it’s so the right time for denim jackets…

Either it’s light-washed or white, which I prefer the most, or more blue, it’s a priority classic piece these days, for all reasons, it adds the cool factor without feeling too hot or too cold. Also how wide and distressed you will go is another thing, OR you can wear patched one like this Is another thing too! So cool.


Also how your gonna layer it depends on how you feel it, your mood, it’s always on the mood…

And the weather. Damn you weather, but we could sacrifice that for the sake of the look, and be sick after that. Don’t do it. Trust me.

Adding that almost all my wardrobe is jeans (white, light, dark, name it) you know who much i love to wear denim, easy breezy lemon squeezy, speaking of lemons! It’s good for your throat these days, with some ginger and honey… I’m gonna do some now, and you, think some denim jackets. Ciao.

Images via Vogue, CR Fashionbook and Wmagazine. 

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