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Transition Weather Series #2

Although we hate the weather these days, I secretly love it, because I love to feel some chills, and wear a little bit of summer clothes and not completely go to the fall mode, like wearing something so summery and just throw something woolly at the top, not layer all the thick clothes and feel so warm, nope, I don’t even do that in fall. I love to feel the fall.

And in this series of transition weather I have the blankets, the ponchos, the whatever you name, it’s a piece of rich big fabric you throw on yourself and go, that’s it. I’ve three shapes of it because everyone is really different from the other, so first:

The blanket: She got it all around her neck which made it flowy and gave her a rich look, with the warm colors tones, and the warm her too, all so good so far.


The Poncho: The basic that you’ll definitely gonna find in your mom’s closet, my mom have one, she stays at home with it, I underestimated it before, now I’m gonna steal it, wear it outdoors and appreciate it. Don’t you ever underestimate the fringe.


The Blancarf: The one that will make you so confused, is that a blanket? a scarf? it’s in between and i loved it since i saw it first time last season at the Acne show and this time when I see every girl wearing it this season, it’s the perfect deal for me for this weather now.

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