Don’t lie and tell me you don’t have a uniform! I have one for my working times, one for grocery visits, one for my desperate night — which is a pjs that I can and do not care to be out with it with my close friends— I do have a uniform for dating, and sooo different hair styles for the last two categories damn right, or am I just the only one!?

The description of a uniform here has a new meaning for me somehow, I think that everyone has a dress code on daily looks, which have a different meaning from style, style is how you choose your clothes, it’s how you do it all, and the visions you choose to be in front of the others, but uniform is to be always that person who wear unchangeable categories of clothes in the sequence of your daily life actions, not like I’ll ever will go to groceries with widgets rather than flats —if you have one— I uniform my style in different categories, depends on seasons and places, it’s like it could be different shirt or shoes or hair but all in the same category, like if you can describe my grocery uniform, it’s a t-shirt, something in denim but most of the times just jeans, flats and top knot, for dates, something in silk with a good bra (duh), a complementary accessories, pants and good hella of a shoes (or that’s just me now, no dresses here, later on that). If you can do that for all of your basic life visits or actions that probably requires an outfit, you can call it a uniform.

But when a simple outfit transfer to a uniform, since when I’m on this transaction?

I really think this happen when you really have that high level of routine in your daily life, When I was at school, I think everyday was a new outfit idea for me, in one action, school, my point was proved that I was a fashionista (hate that word) many times, when I was still experiencing what’s good and what’s not, and of course back then I saw myself good at everything I wear, huge ego, omg I can remember a few that were… horrible ain’t enough to describe, but year after year, it was growing, I was evolving and my style as well. but, I think there was a base of goodness there, or the concept that I’m a fashion lover never left me.

Until I reached that point that I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t, but it’s still a circle that never ends, new shapes and silhouettes never ends, and I’m enjoying it, only if I want to experienced it! like in this time on my life, I feel like I really don’t have that urge to experience the new, I’m satisfied with my uniforms, still, sometimes I think something will look good on me and turn out to be hideous, but for some occasions, I know how to dress, I mean daily life occasions, special occasions I might start to either be on experience mode again, or get crazy because I really don’t know what to wear, but when that also get on my nerves I always get back to classics, with my touch on it.

As for my daily uniforms which we involved in —me and clothes— to reach that place that I can describe every look (based on action) of them, also lean on basics and classics, which a touch of I woke up like this but really I woke up like this because this is who I am now that place that you can do the minimum effort in everything about your look but you still satisfied with the final you.

Like what I wear here, my working look, loose shirt that could be switched to nothing but a light top in hell days (I mean can you feel the weather!!!!) cigarettes jeans that I know would be my new favorite pair, flats, and some layered necklaces for some uniform styling, as it starts to getting dark, the transformation is in the slightest base, I could change an item or two until I end up in a pjs.

How about you, do you have some uniforms in your daily life? Tell me your categories.

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