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A month? A whole freaking month! I can’t even justify it; but what I can assure you that I came better, fresh, and ready for more.

And, I miss you, so much.

As you all now know, I live in Saudi Arabia which is not as I thought at all—easy for me because I already experienced living here before— I don’t have the free time/mind that I had in Egypt. I don’t wear anything but abayas when I go out and that really frustrates me every time I think about it. But also makes me go crazy whenever I find a chance to wear normal clothes on the streets and appreciate it more; much more because I took it for granted; that freedom that no one ever thought of or even crossed any mind.

And I got my chance, finally, I took a vacation from my new job that I still feel as an intern on, and went back to Egypt to check on my sister, as we decided to not waste our time in the beautiful land of Egypt and went south; where there’s this city called Ras Sedr which is located on the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea coast. I’ve never been there before and it was one of the things that I always wanted to do— explore Egypt more and share.

Since I occasionally dress now, I went with this velvet rustic double-breasted-blazer-look-like dress that I got on sale from Zara* that I know got so many potentials than just ensemble it with a hat and a pair of slippers (that I then changed to flip flops); but since it was hotter than the definition of “summer time”; I decided to go with those two and later when I went to the historical locations; I found young bedouin girls selling handmade accessories and add it to the look; and to my life, but that’s another talk.

Yes of course I took their pictures but I’ll keep it to myself as I promised them to keep it private for their wish.

My sister on the other hand, wore my jumpsuit and styled it better than me. Also from Zara with a pair of brown Birkinstock that she now never take off.

I felt refreshed from those couple of days I spent there; the palms, the beach, the weather that hits your neck’s back**, the sand; the same vacation vision of yours but it’s truly something new. Something Arabian. Not Moroccan if that’s what occurs to your mind now, it’s simply Egyptian; and you have nothing to do but to try it to know exactly how it feels like.

*I got it on sale with $8, YEAAASSSSSSS I know, I know, does it give you euphoria like me! Cheers for easy summer outfits aka  just dresses and flip-flops!
**I never feel that whenever I get my hair down because it’s so long, I mean was, because I cut it short now, the shortest that I ever got. But that’s another story.
easy summer outfitseasy summer outfitseasy summer outfits

easy summer outfits
easy summer outfitseasy summer outfitseasy summer outfits
easy summer outfits
easy summer outfits
easy summer outfits


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