Low Key Summer Shoe

What Are Your Usual Low Key Summer Shoe?

I’m a devout Birkenstock lover since I got my first and last one on a sale day at 2015 with $50. I wear it ever since on the occasions that doesn’t include the word office (almost), or chic late dinner (depends also).

My Birken is a single strap light blue with a dewy effect pair, like it has a highlighter top notch game all summer long! Makes it impossible to look unflattering on any outfit/feet, in fact, it makes you look like you’ve just got back from a long summer trip in the Italian Rivera; knew that slides been on trend for some times but you choose this one over any other more attractive pairs. Since that time, Everything changed.

I can’t handle summer weather on my feet now. My feet used to the fresh air that been circled around it in those slides. If I decided to wear something more closed in the morning, like ballerinas or sneaks, I could loose my mind for the whole day. You will see me taking off the back-half of my ballerina while setting and getting it back on when I walk just to get air to my feet. If I want to wear something more closed I’d wear socks with that Birken! I love that Birken so much that I almost wear it till transitional wether. So much that I went to work with it one day— that has a semi-formal dress code. I looked so unprofessional but utterly comfortable which made me do damn well in the meeting.

The best thing about mine is that it was/is never on trend, hopefully never will  be; because then I know I’ll get sick of it seeing everywhere. The worst thing is I love to wear other summer shoes/ wedges/ sandals, but the Birken wins every time. I’m really scared if we talked about the long run.

What’s your ultimate favorite low key summer shoe? The one that you never take off?


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