There’re some pros and cons about finding something new. The pros are: 1-The discovering itself of something new is always excited. 2- This time it’s really old so is really really great.  

The cons are: 1- It’s really old and it’s my city like how in the hell you never see it before!? You’re so ignorant with the great stuff that you could find in your city. What a shame hun. What a shame.


This time I discovered a vintage antiques place, and when I saw it I didn’t believe my eyes, it was in the middle of nowhere and by that I mean when you’re just intend to get lost in the city and bam there it is in front of you without any directions or explanations. I was so moony happy by my finding, and how great the owner I met there, because really, I know a lot of antiques shops down here but I’ve never met someone like this man and his really amazing rustic collection.

I was so over the place shooting every little details and finding myself thinking how could one piece change a fully modern home, it’ll add this feeling (like a sentimental value to someone before, then you after) to it, other than the historic story behind it, or the story adds and makes it sentimental to our eyes? Even if there’s no story there, you’ll make it up and still will be a nice one, or that’s just what I think…

vintage_fashion-paradoxes-1So How many times did you find a place out of nowhere? Do you have vintage pieces at your home?


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