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Here’s What I’d Consider Buying for the Waist-Up Trends

No wonder at this time, we are, if at all, following what people call these days, waist-up fashion trends. There are few places to meet. Zoom is by far the most popular since it’s suitable for prof meeting, studying; and playing the new pen game that I enjoy watching very much. Any video call now replaces any celebration, dates (have you done it yet?), or family gathering. In all the scenarios, from the waist down, a jogging pants, or nothing at all if that’s comforting to you, is applicable. But dressing up from the waist up is mandatory and what matters at this time anyway… can you believe that I’m saying that? or thinking like that? Drastic times call for drastic measures, eh?


That’s why I came up with a list of things that will look good in-camera and will benefit us later on when we get out of this (soon, hopefully). A selection of shirts with funny but chic collars, cozy but cute looking jumpers, and tiger prints is what I scored. I just saw the first episode of Tiger King, and I’m obsessed with prints now. Another thing that will look cool is a black sculptured-on-the-body top —I call them the “Roly Poly tops”. Because they remind me of the butt-shaped Roly Poly chair as if it was made only for you—Khatie does them best, the tops, not the chairs. Speaking of chairs, how is your home renovations going these days? because I think even if you haven’t just moved like moi, you’re at least considering/considered some changes in the space, right?


Have you thought about dresses? I think if we talked about dresses here, it will fundamentally cancel the whole trend because simply if you wore a dress, you will be fully dressed. You will not be thinking about what’s going on underneath because you’re wearing everything you need with one garment. A dress is the easiest way of getting dressed fast and efficiently. But it will cancel the fun part of this trend, so I won’t talk more about it, C’mon, playyyyy! And don’t get me started on jumpsuits, because it’s too much hustle.

Ok, I liked one so much that I have to share.


Earrings? go for hoops or pearl drop earrings; if you want to jazz it up a bit, consider necklaces, or headbands, do it separately, or do it together. It’s better/more fun than nothing at all.


And last but not least, a lipstick a day keeps the bad mood awaayy!


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