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I can’t stop talking about my hair, but let me make a little confession here, you see my hair just as much as I see it! I told you about my topknot before and that’s one thing I wear everyday, because I forget about it completely.

My hair is one of the great features that I have (maybe the best!) but I never use it as I suppose to —to make me feel good about myself.

I never actually realized the great impact of the little adjustments that you can do to change the way you feel in moments, that goes for your style as well, but for me I treated my style the way I treated my hair —like I don’t have it.

You could be in this circle for weeks, months surely, knowing that there’s something wrong but you can’t put your hands on, until you change it all someday, the day you decide to take a new fresher look at everything around.

So I cut my bangs!!!!!!! weeeeee! I.Cut.It.For.My.Self.

The very first time I got to the salon to make it for me but I didn’t like it and since then I trim it for myself! Uhhh c’mon it’s nothing just open Youtube and follow. You’ll feel much cooler if that worked, trust me.

My friend (who doesn’t saw the new change) told me: I don’t know how one could wear bangs and doesn’t look cute!—who is the same friend that we’ve decided one time to make a statement and cut our bangs with that style and at this time we both acknowledge that it doesn’t suit us.

However, in my opinion it’s about your attitude and you may hear that a lot but you see as much as you hear how different girls look much cooler with bangs, take my Pinterest board for example to see what I mean

So on top of that I was actually trying to be not cute! Because I truly am not, my face/mind/everything says I’m not so why my haircut would change that!

So I wanted my bangs to be wavy, you know Frija and every other new cool models bangs, I love it but I also love my long hair to not cut it that short to make their whole look, so I sticked to the wavy big bangs only,and my hair is curly but so frizzy (not Julia Robert nor Sarah Jessica Parker curls but wishing!)

So I did the famous braids (after blow drying it), and no this is not a tutorial for how to make it but what to achieve after you unbraid it is more amusing, Although I slept with the braids and went to the streets the next morning with the look and loved how effortlessly they looked! The more you leave them the more it looks good for me, AANd the curls will stay longer, the only tip I could give you is to not braid till the end, it looks better to see straight ends and waves in one look, like beach waves but in winter, but without products also! ha ha, oh yeaaaaaa!

And yea, I edit a little album which could be a little transformation of life—I tell a story yea :D to remind myself that it’s good to have fun with hair. Simple as that. 

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way-to-wave-fashion-paradoxes-photos - 1 (1)
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