I woke up early today, had that meeting, got back home with no clue why I opened some of the online shopping sites, maybe I love to look at clothes that up for sale, maybe because I’m reading all about that on every other site, like harry up, it’s black Friday sales/ cyber Monday/ sales because we love YOU! and it pretty much had this power over me, the SALE word I mean, I really can’t help it, I’m going from site to site… The Real Real have a Fendi wedges sandals costs 122$ and all my brain tells that I’ve to create my summer closet from now! Whaaa… I see Manolo Blahnik Sandals with 87$, I mean in what world are we live in!?

But that just The RealReal, it’s always like that, make the unreal real, Am I right.

I saw Net-a-porter sales up to 50% with free shipping and return at USA two days ago, well thank god I’m not on the Us, right haha! The Outnet making 60% on Isabel and 65% on Stella, kill me now. SSENSE is doing 50% on everything, followed by Matchesfashion, Amuze is kidding me with some Saint Laurent shoes, YOOX is telling me to take my seat at the table, and i’m sorry YOOX but i already set! uhh such a rude! but it’s with an additional 50% off! and they all convinced me that they are angels sent from heaven to help us all shop for what we dreamed of one day, all I’m doing is scrolling and matching this with that in a blink —and favorite pieces with my all closet, it’s truly heaven.

But that’s not the point for me.

Even if I check the retail price first, because it’s the most fun part! when I bargain on luxury, Oui it’s exists.

I watch, I dream, I never buy, I’m amused by this, going nuts, cause of all the things I really want and can’t have at this certain moment, month, year, up coming year, who know, I didn’t save for such an occasion. And maybe I’m on this rush because I don’t really buy anything, I’m so wise at buys and wearing. #Hypocrite #stillhalftrue

But the thing is, I’m still frustratingly amused about one piece after the other that has been sold out in front of my eyes, ohh that’s really a thrill.


So how you’re handling these days, watching, broke or saved for such a moment?

Ps: For those who saved, don’t forget it’s holiday season, eh, don’t drop it all in one coat.


Do it. Because one of us have to.

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